The Korean national team, which competed in the e-sports Battleground Mobile

2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, failed to cross the wall of China, which is a strong candidate for the championship. The results of China’s months of practice than Korea’s were clearly revealed. Our Taegeuk Warriors did their best until the end, but they had to settle for silver.

The Korean national team finished second after China with a combined lap time of 50 minutes and 25 seconds in the final match against China, Taiwan and Indonesia held at Hangzhou eSports Center in China on the 1st. As a result, Korean e-sports added a silver medal and succeeded in winning medals in all events.

The Battleground Mobile Asian Games version did not compete until the last team we knew survived. Instead of excluding anti-personal shooting elements by inheriting the Olympic spirit, it has been reborn as a new game that adds fun such as “sky diving, off-road racing, and shooting.” It is a method in which four teams of four drive a vehicle and go around a designated course to determine the team that passes the fastest time by competing for teamwork and shooting skills. The ranking is made by adding all 4 sets of lap times.

The final has finally begun. In the first lap, China shot 11 minutes and 9 seconds, arriving more than a minute earlier than Korea (12 minutes and 32 seconds). In the second rap, Korea had to close the time gap with China, but was it because it was in a hurry. Rather, Korea passed the third place, falling behind Taiwan. Until the first and second laps, China ranked first with 21 minutes and 45 seconds, Korea ranked second with 24 minutes and 50 seconds, and Taiwan (25 minutes and 7 seconds) ranked third by a narrow margin.

I had to bet on the third lap. At this rate, the second-place spot was also in danger. Worries and concerns have become reality. South Korea rarely scored in shooting and passed third place again. China took an overwhelming lead by recording 33 minutes and 35 seconds until the third lap. It’s five minutes behind Korea (38 minutes and 35 seconds). In fact, it was a difficult difference to catch up with. Rather, Korea had to worry about second place from then on. Taiwan (38 minutes and 44 seconds) caught up with him by seven seconds.


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