We would like to hold the next promotion in Asia.

The promotion will provide a unique experience, with commentary available during the upcoming promotion, saying, “The Jin Boy brand will provide a promotional and unique experience, including cruise ships.”However, the next WPT promotion for Asia will be in the Taiwanese capital and will be held from Aug. 21 to Aug. 21.It will also be held by the Texas Hall in China.

WPT Korea and WPT Korea High School Event:

The interview with PTa was held through the WPT High Roller Event held from July 15 to July 24 this year.In addition, it is a game area for Jeju Shinhwa Broadcasting held in Jeju Shinhwa, a game area for foreign tourists registered in Hong Kong.

In addition, the two tournaments attracted a total of 653 players, according to Jeju Shinhwa officials.In addition, about $26.7 million (about $26.7 million) said about $267 billion (about W250 billion).

WPT increases its presence in Asia.

Plaka: “WPT sees potential growth for Asia,” it added.He emphasized that it was founded in 2002 and was the first event in China’s Hainan Island in 2006 on Hainan Island.On that day, Asia exploded in terms of good poker players and market strength and turned out to be better in terms of market strength.

At the latest event in Jeju, “It’s natural for us to have touch points in various parts of Asia.Jeju Island is a place where professional competitive poker players are needed.We have attracted Western athletes who are attracting the new WW world, attracting beautiful places, and attracting beautiful places.The strategy drew such athletes to the Jeju event.

The real challenge was to educate about Asian poker scenes.

Also, WPT’s CEO said, “Asian poker scene.For example, Western players who do not know Vietnam or Cambodia play poker in a safe place, and Western players have a great opportunity to play poker in a safe place.Another purpose was to do more TV.

His proposal, which could be a big product for the Japanese IR project held in 2006, has already been mentioned as $1 billion (MGMGMGM Resort) from the U.S. resort.In this regard, he said, “One of the advantages of poker is what you bring to people in the world.


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