York Casino Campaign Gets Backed By “Brexit” Advocacy Company

The referendum campaign on York County’s new casino is said to have benefited from the same controversial polling station company’s services that persuaded Britons to back “Brexit” and say goodbye to the European Union. This time, the goal is to persuade the British people to support the Southern Maine casino.

Proposals to set up casinos in York County are heading to the ballot box in November, and voters can decide whether to vote for a third casino in southern Maine. In order to push forward the casino proposal and win the consent of the British people, a campaign was launched to persuade voters to support a third casino proposal.

The campaign is led by Sean Scott, the only person authorized to establish a New York County casino. But ostensibly, the Progress Group for Maine paid more than $80,000 to the Washington-based scandal-ridden company Goddard Gunster.

It is worth mentioning that, on a psychological level, the Goddard Gunster Company’s name has become quite famous after persuading the UK to separate the UK from the European Union by targeting voters. In addition to advocating for “Brexit,” the company is known to have played a key role in many other referendums, which has earned it a reputation as one of the most successful consulting firms in the world.

To increase the chances of winning the support of the British people, Mr Scott seems to benefit from Goddard Gunstad’s efforts to capture public opinion. Nevertheless, it may not seem easy, as Mr Scott has drawn public outrage in connection with other public scandals, including inadequate funding contracts. The charges against Mr Scott have not been confirmed at the moment, but it appears the British are beginning to suspect.

Following the controversial revelations, the state council’s government oversight committee has launched a campaign inquiry to investigate casino sponsors as well. One of the main proponents of the casino proposal is Mr. Scott’s sister, Lisa Scott, who explained that unemployment in the region would decrease if the casino project was realized. It’s interesting that Mr. Scott founded the first gambling facility in Maine .

The vote will take place in November, when people will decide whether the casino proposal will be realized. If Mr. Scott’s alleged involvement in such a scheme and hiring Goddard Gunster consulting firm is confirmed, this time Mr. Scott’s casino campaign could be a U-turn in the wrong direction.


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