32.96 points difference” won by a landslide

Shin Ji-ah, the next-generation Korean figure skater, won the gold medal in the second round of the Junior Grand Prix. It is also an overwhelming victory, ahead of second place by more than 30 points.

Shin Ji-ah flew splendidly to the melody of the free skate theme song “Not About Angels.”

Jumps start from the beginning,

[The double axel jump following “Lee Na Bauer” is really beautiful]

All the way to the landing,

[Lands on the triple loop jump beautifully and connects to the ‘spread eagle’ immediately]

With its beautiful composition, it drew exclamations, and earned additional points in all elements in the first half.

Shin Ji-ah, who jumped perfectly in her first consecutive jump in the second half, with 10% added, was slightly shaken in her landing on a triple flip and was soon judged to be slightly short of 90 degrees in her consecutive jumps, but continued her performance without shaking.

After Shin Ji-ah’s dreamlike performance, which received the highest level of all spin assignments, was over,

[Wow, he ends his acting with a beautiful “BL only spin”]

Applause poured out.

Shin Ji-ah scored 130.95 points in free skating and 201.33 points in total with a short, beating Murakami of Japan in second place by 32.96 points.

[Shin Jia/Figure Junior national team: I’m a little sad that there were a few mistakes, but I think it’s a relief that we finished it well]

Kwon Min-sol, who remained in eighth place in the short, won the bronze medal in reversal in the free, second after Shin Ji-ah and third in total, and two Korean players took the podium side by side.

Shin Ji-ah, who won the Junior Grand Prix Final medal for the first time in 17 years since Kim Yu-na last season, is aiming for consecutive gold medals and tickets to the final in the fifth tournament, which starts on the 20th.


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