’29 saves’ as closer to injury return

“KKKKKKKK” Kikuchi also failed to win his first 10 ML titles in QS… ’29 saves’ as closer to injury return

Kikuchi started the 2023 Major League Philadelphia Phillies showdown at Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 16th (Korea time) and pitched six innings, four hits, seven strikeouts, and one run. The season’s ERA dropped to 3.44. Toronto won 2-1, winning 2 games in a row.

Kikuchi’s nine moves continue. Kikuchi, who won nine games against the Baltimore Orioles on the 3rd, showed one run in seven innings against the Cleveland Guardians on the 9th, but became a losing pitcher. He took on the second challenge on the day, but failed to win even after achieving a quality start.

Kikuchi started the first inning by striking out Kyle Schwaber after a full count match. Alec Boehm also struck out. Bryce Harper handled a fly ball to right field with one ball.

The second episode was also clean. Nick Castellanos, Bryson Stott and Trey Turner were put on center field, left field and right field fly balls, respectively. In the third inning, Kikuchi, who struck out J.T. Realmuto with a swing, got his first hit by Edmundo Sosa. However, Johan Rojas and Schwaber finished the inning with a hit.

The cruise continued. In the fourth inning, he blocked it neatly with a fly ball and two strikeouts.

Kikuchi seemed to be shaken by a hit by the leadoff hitter Stott in the fifth inning. However, he induced Turner to ground out to third base to catch the leading runner, and cooked Realmuto with a double play to create another three-way retirement inning.

 Philadelphia starter Jack Wheeler also continued to pitch well, leading to a tight pitching match. However, Kikuchi lost a point first. It was the sixth inning. After allowing a left-handed hit to first batter Sosa, Rojas hit a timely double and lost a point. He blocked additional runs. He struck out Schwaber, hit a straight spring hit, and hit a fly ball to Harper’s first base.

However, Toronto’s batters immediately launched a counterattack. George Springer’s timely hit in the bottom of the sixth inning balanced 1-1.

That’s it for Kikuchi. He was already replaced by Garcia in the seventh inning and finished the game. Unfortunately, he failed to achieve his first 10 career wins. 토토사이트넷

However, Toronto came from behind to win. In the bottom of the eighth inning, George Springer hit a grounder to third base with one out and a full base made by Nathan Lux’s walk, Wit Merrifield hit and Blydimir Guerrero Jr. walk. However, the third baseman sprayed directly home and failed to lead to a goal. The opportunity seemed to be flying away, but Cavan Vizio scored a push with a ball that hit his body and succeeded in reversing the game 2-1.

And Jordan Romano, who returned from injury, took the mound in the ninth inning to complete the victory. He made 29 saves in the season.

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