Canadian compliance officer Robert Crocker resigns from JIBC board

Robert Crocker, who has been chairing the Board of Directors of the British Columbia Judicial Research Institute, resigns.

He announced the decision days after questioning whether regulatory group Intigriti BC has the right to take top positions in organizations that provide law enforcement courses and also engage in training sheriffs and correctional officers, considering its links to Great Canadian Gaming Corp.

Mr. Crocker was working as a compliance officer at the company when the BC government was conducting an investigation into the illegal money laundering scheme taking place at Charlton’s River Rock Casino.

Robert Crocker said in a statement on the Legal Research Institute’s website that increased media interest in the school has left the agency distracted from its core mission. He explained that neither other board members nor any staff or students should be subject to what he called “invasion.” He explained that he decided to step down as a director with immediate effect to ensure that the work of JIBC and its employees was no longer disrupted.

Mr. Crocker will remain vice president of the corporate security and compliance division of the British Columbia Lottery Company.

Was there a conflict of interest?
But as Global News revealed, Integrity BC’s Dermot Travis shared that it was a connection between Mr. Crocker and the gambling operator. He highlighted the fact that Crocker’s Great Canadian Gaming Corporation employment had been removed from his bio, which was posted on the Legal Research Institute website before it was reported from the media hub.

According to Mr Travis, the above act showed how inappropriate employment was given Crocker’s position in the Judicial Research Institute.

For some time the connection between Robert Crocker and the BC Lottery Company and the Great Canadian Gaming Company raised several questions related to possible conflicts of interest, especially with regard to illegal money laundering plans arising from hard rock casinos owned and operated by Great Canadian Gaming. 바카라

In late August, he emailed executives at Great Canadian that the BCLC took compliance responsibilities very seriously, especially when it came to anti-money laundering measures, financing of terrorist organizations and personal privacy. Nevertheless, his job at the venue was considered questionable, given the fact that, despite his cooperation at the time of the investigation of the Hard Rock Casino Plan, he could never be impartial as the Compliance Officer of the Great Canadian.

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