“Fast Ball” response training that shook hands

Group mental breakdown due to ‘shock defeat’ against Hong Kong…”Fast Ball” response training that shook hands

No one could speak for a while, seemingly unbelievable. Some players finally showed tears, and the hardened expression said everything about the game.

The South Korean women’s national baseball team gradually lost to Hong Kong in the first match of the preliminary round of the 2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup (WBSC) in Thunder Bay, Canada, on the 9th (Korea Standard Time).

It was a gradual loss of 8-9, but the game was close to self-destruction. The national team made six defensive errors. He also had five full base opportunities in the batting lineup, but only scored seven points. The national team has 13 bases left on the day. The runner was at third base but failed to step on the home plate also came out in all innings except the bottom of the fifth inning.

In particular, Hong Kong is the opponent whose national team won the cold game twice in the super round held at the 2023 Women’s Baseball Asian Cup (BFA) in Hong Kong at the end of May.

The national team was expected to win a safe victory over Hong Kong on this day, but it struggled from the beginning. Hong Kong actively conducted bunt and steal operations against the national team. As a result, he not only took the first two points, but also induced the national team to make a defensive error to score.

The referee’s inconsistent strike zone also embarrassed the players during the game. The players who played in the game said in unison, “The strike zone held wide from left to right and suddenly held it up and down. “The zone was narrow, but it widened again in the second half of the game,” he said.

When a strike call was heard on a clear ball, the national team hitters, who usually have a good sense of foresight, tilted their heads and struck out at the full base opportunity.

The “fast ball” response training prepared by the national team for months also became a handshake in the match against Hong Kong.

It is said that the swing timing of all the national team hitters was fast. One player said, “As I only trained for quick ball response in preparation for Australia, Canada, and the United States, the slow ball of Hong Kong pitchers was unfamiliar. “I really experienced a slow ball in a few months,” he said.

The national team has been focusing on ball response training for balls that are faster than 110 kilometers per hour thrown by strong foreign players. Players also visited additional batting ranges to practice hitting on balls of that speed. I’ve been hitting fastballs for the past few months, but when I met Hong Kong pitchers with a speed of 90 kilometers, all the balance collapsed. 먹튀검증

But the players said there was no excuse. Apart from everything else, there were too many mistakes. “It would be funnier to win such a game,” he said adding, “It’s too bad to lose the match against Hong Kong.” But it’s already the last game. We have four more games to play. “Even if we lose, we shouldn’t lose like this,” he said.

Yang Sang-moon, head coach of the national team, also said, “The defensive mistakes that I was worried about today came out intact. “I didn’t win the victory I wanted, but I will do my best for the rest of the games,” he said, encouraging the team.

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