Seongnam FC U12 participates

Seongnam FC U12 participates in Gyeongju Hwarangdaegi National Elementary Soccer Tournament

The Gyeongju Hwarangdaegi National Elementary Soccer Tournament will be held in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, from the 11th. The tournament will be held in the form of the first and second rounds of soccer with youth U12 and 11 soccer teams from each school and club.

Seongnam FCU12 will start its first match against Geoje Jangseungpo FC on the 11th and prepare for the first league by facing Yeongdeungpo Sports FC and Seonggeo Elementary School.

Seongnam FC U12 finished with the best results of winning the 2022 National Elementary Football League regional victory last year and the 2022 Dream Jaram Festival with stable performance. In addition, he has continued his upward trend with two wins, three draws and one loss in all regional games this season and the Youth Championship, which ended in July. 토토사이트

Seongnam FC U12 manager Cho Dong-hee said, “As it is the last tournament I will play this year and it is a hot summer day, I will take care of the players so that they don’t get injured.” Results are important, but the focus is on players growing up working together. The players are having fun playing soccer in a good environment. If you participate in the competition as you prepared, I think the results will naturally follow. “I’ll come back with good memories,” he said.
Meanwhile, the club is well guiding U12·10 players, the first start of Seongnam FC youth, to produce 15 years old, 18 years old, and professional players, and is trying to provide an environment where young players can grow up with the club and become better people and players.

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