Chairman Levi’s meeting postponed until next week

‘141 Billion Prepared to Recruit Kane’ Munich Executive Unexpectedly Cancels Flight…Chairman Levi’s meeting postponed until next week

The British ‘Guardian’ said on the 28th (Korea Standard Time), “Munich’s management was scheduled to fly to London on the 28th. Munich CEO Jan Christian Dressen and Technical Director Marco Nepe’s flights have been canceled. They will meet with Levy next week to discuss the recruitment of Harry Kane,” the report said.

Christian Polk, a reporter for Germany’s “Bilt,” said on the same day, “Munich officials are reportedly visiting London for talks with Chairman Daniel Levy on the 28th. However, the trip to London was canceled. The flight from Munich to London was canceled for unknown reasons.

Paul O’Keeffe, who is familiar with Tottenham news, said on his personal SNS, “The meeting has been rescheduled to early next week.” When one fan asked why, O’Keeffe replied, “Daniel Levy.” It is difficult to be sure, but it is understood that Chairman Levi changed his schedule just before the meeting.

Munich also raised the possibility of giving up Mathis Tel when it recruited Kane. “The Guardian” said, “Tottenham Hotspur is known to be interested in 18-year-old striker Tell, who is emerging in Munich. Thomas Tuchel’s plan is to keep him. However, Tuchel admitted that he could change his mind “if something is late for the transfer market.” Tuchel’s comments are interpreted as a sign that Munich could be ready to go to the front after Kane,” he explained.

Munich is currently on a tour of Japan. However, CEO Dresen and Nefe Technical Director remained in Europe to risk their lives in recruiting Kane. This is because he has to win the competition against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) while aiming to recruit Kane.

PSG also sent Kane a love call. The media said, “According to sources, Levy almost agreed to a deal to sell Kane to PSG, but the situation has been complicated by the news that Kane does not want to move to PSG this summer. Chairman Levy should negotiate a contract with Munich or risk Kane leaving freely. “My contract expires next summer,” he explained.

Fabricio Romano, a reporter familiar with European football news, also said on the 28th, “Munich will meet with President Levi to discuss a deal with Kane. The meeting is scheduled for the 28th. Munich is ready to improve on the 80 million euros (about 112.5 billion won) rejected 15 days ago. PSG said, “We will pay attention to the breakdown of Munich and Tottenham.”

Munich have already handed in two transfer offers. However, he could not change his mind. Munich handed over a second offer worth 80 million euros, but Chairman Levi wants at least 100 million pounds (about 166 billion won).

Munich is preparing a third proposal. Roik Tanji, a reporter for France’s “RMC Sports,” said on the 16th, “Tottenham wants 116 million euros (about 165 billion won) as Kane’s transfer fee. Levy’s position is clear. “It’s either selling or renewing the contract this summer,” he said. Attention is focusing on whether Munich will offer the level of money at this meeting.

Munich have already made no secret of the love call for Kane. He conducted an interview with Nuance, who hoped to recruit Kane, at the official appearance of honorary chairman Ulri Hönes of Munich. In an interview with Germany’s “Sport 1,” he said, “Kane signaled that his decision was valid in all conversations. If he keeps his promise, we’ll catch him. Because then Tottenham will be reeling. We’re going to bring in Kane. “Then Tottenham will have to let go,” he said publicly, expressing his interest in Kane.

Contrary to Honorary Chairman Hoynes’ remarks, CEO Dresen expressed a cautious stance. Munich held an official press conference on the 18th and held a joining ceremony for Rafael Guerreiro and Conrad Reimer, who were recruited through the transfer market this summer.

At the event, President Dresen avoided specific answers when asked about Kane, saying, “Pulling grass does not grow faster.” On the other hand, regarding Kim Min-jae’s transfer rumors, he said, “Kim Min-jae is expected to sign a contract within a few days,” showing a clear temperature difference between Kane and Kim Min-jae’s question. In fact, Munich officially announced the recruitment of Kim Min-jae in the late evening of the 18th.

Tottenham and Munich have already met once and held talks. The global media “Euro Sport” said on the 14th, “Munich officials arrived in London to meet with Chairman Daniel Levy due to Kane’s transfer negotiations. Munich have emerged as a front-runner to sign Kane this summer, but Tottenham are desperate to hold him. “Munich’s two offers were reportedly rejected, but manager Thomas Tuchel still wants to bring Kane to Munich.”

Tottenham sought to renew their contract. Britain’s “Telegraph” said on the 14th, “If Kane renews his contract with Tottenham instead of leaving, he can receive 400,000 pounds (about 664 million won) a week.” Kane returned to pre-season training and had his first meeting with Postecoglou, he explained. 토토사이트

Kane met with manager Postecoglou with an open mind, and Chairman Levi was not hoped to persuade Kane to renew his contract. Kane has shown no intention of transferring this summer. “I think Tottenham are willing to consider ways to keep Kane at the club after his career as well as financial compensation,” he added.

But Kane has no intention of renewing his contract. Sky Sports said, “One of the simple factors that can encourage Kane to extend his contract later in the season is turning Tottenham into a team that can lift the trophy. The fact that Kane won’t renew his contract only increases his chances of moving in the coming weeks. “We’re going to make one of the hardest decisions of his career in the coming weeks,” Levy said.

Son Heung-min was also aware of Kane’s transfer rumors. During the pre-season tour on the 24th, Son Heung-min said, “Kane is a fantastic player. He never reveals his thoughts. There is a lot of news about him now, and it will never be easy for him.”

“He shows no confusion at all, and I have full respect for him. A decision will be made between the club and him and we will have to respect that decision. I can’t say anything about the final decision. Because I don’t know anything. Maybe Kane doesn’t know either,” he added.

Chairman Levy’s decision is expected to determine the future of Kane, Tottenham and Munich. If Kane leaves for Munich, he will break up with Son Heung-min and have a meal with Kim Min-jae. Much attention is focused on what uniform Kane will wear this season. Of course, it is necessary to assume that Chairman Levi will meet.

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