“I hope my younger brother sees me and plays baseball comfortably.

It always comes out, Kim Bum-soo, when Hanwha wins…This year, he appeared in 41 games, the most in the team, and said, “I hope my younger brother sees me and plays baseball comfortably.”

He pitched in 41 games this season with 3 wins, 2 losses, and a 10 holds ERA of 3.31. From the Kiwoom Heroes match on June 16 to the Heroes match on July 25, he had one win and four holds in 11 games. During this period, he threw eight innings and recorded a “0” ERA. While Kim Bum-soo continued to pitch well, the team rose and won eight consecutive games.

It’s hard to get the best result in every game. Kim Bum-soo took the mound in the seventh inning against the Heroes on July 26 and was replaced without finishing the inning. 2 runs with 1 out count. He allowed a tie in a 4-2 lead. In this game, Hanwha scored the winning run in the 10th inning to win 5-4. Kim Bum-soo pitched in the seventh inning against the SSG Landers on the 28th and finished the inning with three batters. He returned bravely in two days.

Kim Bum-soo took the mound against KIA in Daejeon on June 21. Daejeon = Reporter Song Jung-heon, songs@sportschosun.com
He throws more stable than last year. It’s hard to get the best results in every game, but you can see Kim Bum-soo on the mound more comfortably this year.

I asked Kim Bum-soo about his goals for the rest of the season. I talked about two things. Playing until the end of the season without getting hurt the first time. It’s a story that comes out every interview. The second goal is to be a proud brother.

He said, “I want to show my brother’s position when he returns from the military.” “I hope you can play baseball comfortably while looking at me,” he said. His younger brother, Samsung Lions right-hander Kim Yoon-soo (24), is currently a member of Sangmu.

I feel reassured to have seniors this year. Veterans such as Lee Tae-yang (33), Oh Sun-jin (34), Chae Eun-sung (33), and captain Jung Woo-ram (38), who joined last off-season, will take center stage. “I didn’t know when I was young, but this is why I need seniors, and I think about that a lot these days,” he said.

There is a secret to finding stability compared to last year. He said, “I got better because I didn’t fight with myself. You have to accept it

I accept what I do quickly and admit what I admit quickly. In the past, there were many times when it collapsed on its own. He said, “This year, the number of people who are excited alone has decreased.”

If he gives up hits and walks, he forgets quickly and tries to focus on the next batter.

He was also given a sudden finish at the beginning of the season. The result was not good. In April, Kim Bum-soo said he was not in 100% condition. 먹튀검증

“I was confident as a closing. However, he threw the ball about three weeks late during the spring camp due to his poor physical condition. “Maybe because of this, I wasn’t in the best condition in April,” he said. The pace has risen since May.

Kim Bum-soo pitched in 78 games last year. He played the most games among KBO League pitchers. This year, he also played in the most games among Hanwha players as of the 29th.

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