One of the ways to become the manager of a big European club is to be taught by Pep Guardiola.

Coach Vansang Conpani arrived at Bayern Munich on Tuesday. It was an unexpected choice. Even though Bayern had been rejected by several coaches, Conpani was a figure that made many people tilt their heads from the moment he was nominated. Many said that although he has potential, he still lacks experience and performance to lead a large club. All he did was lead Anderlecht, his former team, in 2020, and Burnley was demoted from the English Premier League in a season after leading the English Championship (part 2).

The Athletic, a global sports media outlet, called it the “weirdest decision of the summer” and reported on the background of Bayern’s push to appoint Coach Confani. One of the reasons was his contact with Guardiola, who is currently considered the best coach in the world. He spent three years in Manchester City as a coach. As he admitted it, experience served as the foundation of his career as a coach. Although he failed to play in the PL, which had a gap of power with the opponent team, Confani’s Burnley led the way in the game during the championship and used tactics reminiscent of Guardiola.

Guardiola also has a high opinion of Conpani. Last year, when Burnley was still in the Championship, he had a showdown with his student at the FA Cup and complimented him by saying, “I was impressed. I could become Manchester City manager someday.” It is known that when the Bayern management asked for opinions on Conpani ahead of his appointment, he highly recommended the coach.

Encho Maresca’s move to Chelsea is also expected to be another breakthrough choice this summer. Chelsea, which decided to separate from Mauricio Pochettino after a year, has appointed Maresca as its new manager. Rumors have it that the team has already agreed to a five-year contract.

Maresca is also classified as a leader who has not yet proven enough. He is six years older than Kompany, but has less experience as a coach. He made his debut as a manager at Serie B side Parma in Italy in 2021, only to quit three months after the season opened, and played his first full season in Leicester last season. He has no experience as a manager of the top flight league.

Nevertheless, Maresca also has a nickname “from Tim Guardiola.” During the 2020-2021 season, he worked as Manchester City’s under-23 team manager and worked with Guardiola. After Parma’s challenge was completed early, he was called upon again, and he rejoined the first team as a coach in the 2022-2023 season, where he worked as a coach. Maresca’s football philosophy, which emphasizes possession and location, is also in line with Guardiola’s philosophy. Leicester midfielder Harry Winks, a former Tottenham Hotspur player, praised Maresca’s tactical skills and said he had learned about Guardiola’s style.

Although he had no career as a coach, there were cases where he was directly or indirectly influenced by Guardiola and immediately took charge of a large club. The representative figure is the late coach Tito Villanova, who was the head coach of Guardiola. Villanova took the helm as Barcelona’s chief coach to replace Guardiola.

However, Villanova’s case is slightly different from the recent trend. Villanova was a player who already had enough Barcelona DNA as a leader. It is a common occurrence that a coach of an era that had great success in continuing the team’s continuity is promoted to the position of coach.

It can be said that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s success has fueled the recent trend. After finishing his career with Arsenal, Arteta joined Guardiola’s coaching staff and started his career as a coach. After closely monitoring Guardiola’s coaching style for two and a half seasons, he joined Arsenal, where he played his former team, and gradually elevated the team to a championship team that competes with Manchester City.

As Arteta started showing good results, more and more people are looking to become Manchester City’s coach. When asked if he would like to hear about suggestions after the failure of rival Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney in Birmingham City, he replied, “Guardiola’s coach would go. Take a look at what Arteta is doing at Arsenal. I think most of them were learned from Guardiola.”토토사이트 순위

Guardiola’s influence, which achieved four consecutive PL wins after winning three European competitions, is clearly affecting the personnel management of Europe’s top clubs through the tangible result of Arteta’s success. “Sky Sports,” a sports media outlet, introduced why Chelsea appointed Maresca, saying, “Arteta had no experience as a manager of a PL club until he took the helm of Arsenal, but he had worked as a staff member of Guardiola. The Pep effect should not be underestimated. If you worked under Guardiola, you will have an advantage when you start your career.”

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