Manchester United coach was ruled ineligible

The British Daily Mail introduced Manchester United’s new coach candidates on the 28th (Korea Standard Time), mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of each coach. Tuchel, who played Bayern Munich in the 2023-24 season, left the team after the end of the season after Bayern Munich had no win in 12 years. With Ten Hag’s future unclear, various coaches are being mentioned as candidates for the new coach.토토사이트 순위

Regarding Tuchel, the Daily Mail said, “He succeeded by directing big clubs such as Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Chelsea and Bayern Munich. In 2021, a year after leading PSG to the UEFA Champions League final, he led Chelsea to an unexpected Champions League victory and also won French League 1 and German Bundesliga. Tuchel has a proven record of producing a team that wins at the highest level of European football,” adding, “Tuchel values discipline and has no patience with those who go out of line. PSG noted that Tuchel did not advance to the Champions League final after he left the team, and Chelsea regressed after Tuchel left.”

Regarding Tuchel’s negative aspects, the media outlet said, “He is a coach who causes great friction with the team and the club management. At PSG, he clashed with Leonardo over recruiting players. Tuchel said that if things don’t go his way, things can get rough, which creates problems between the team and the club management.”

In particular, many players were dissatisfied with Tuchel’s practical approach in Bayern Munich. Tuchel also claimed that he was forced to play conservative tactics because he failed to recruit the player he wanted, he said. “If Tuchel doesn’t get his way at Manchester United, there will always be a possibility of friction with the club management.”

Coach Tuchel also publicly criticized Kim after the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal match against Real Madrid this season. After the 33rd round of this season’s Bundesliga against Wolfsburg on the 13th, Tuchel said, “I am satisfied with Kim Min-jae’s performance overall. I made an unfortunate mistake in the match against Real Madrid, but I was reliable overall,” adding, “I am very happy to be with a player who has a positive personality. Kim Min-jae played every game before the Asian Cup and didn’t think he needed a break. To sum up Kim Min-jae’s performance, it is positive. Despite the downturn that occurred in every soccer player’s career, Kim Min-jae’s personality and way of responding were very good. I was happy that Kim Min-jae was in Bayern Munich.”

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