Taekwondo Jang Jun Cancellation of the Paris Olympics

Taekwondo Jang Jun overcomes the pain of the cancellation of the Paris Olympics to win the Asian Championships

Gold medal for the first time in 6 years since 2018 “Maintain good condition by raising weight”

Taekwondo national team members Jang Jun (Korea Gas Corporation) and Kang Mir (Yeongcheon City Hall), who missed out on the opportunity to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, vented their anger by winning gold and bronze medals, respectively, at the Asian Championships.

Jang Jun won the men’s 63kg final at the 26th Asian Taekwondo Championships held in Da Nang, Vietnam on the 16th, defeating Napat Srithi Mongkol (Thailand) with a round score of 2-0.

It has been six years since 2018 that Jang Jun won a gold medal at the Asian Championships. 온라인카지노

Jang Jun, who was active in the men’s 58kg category, maintained 3rd place in the Olympic rankings until last February and seemed to have easily qualified for the Paris Olympics.

However, he missed the opportunity to participate in the Olympics after suffering a shocking 0-2 loss in the domestic selection match against Park Tae-jun (Kyung Hee University), who ranked 5th in the Olympic rankings.

Before the selection match, Jang Jun faced Tae-Jun Park six times and won all of them, but he lost the most important match and hung his head.

After the domestic selection competition, he adjusted his weight class to 63 kg, and was able to wash away some of his disappointment by climbing to the highest place on the podium in this competition.

Jang Jun said through the Korea Taekwondo Association, “I raised my weight class and the burden of losing weight was reduced,” adding, “Thanks to this, I think I was able to win the gold medal in good condition.”

Kang Mir, who competed in the women’s 46kg class, also relieved some of her disappointment by winning a bronze medal that day.

Kang Mir was fortunate enough to receive the right to compete in Paris following the World Taekwondo Federation’s (WT) quota redistribution based on the Olympic ranking standards, as the women’s 49kg event at the Oceania Paris Olympic quota competition was canceled due to a lack of participants.

However, the Moroccan Taekwondo Association recently put the brakes on the redistribution process, saying that priority is given to domestic athletes who have adjusted their weight class.

WT granted participation rights to Moroccan athletes through the International Olympic Committee (IOC) inquiry process, putting an end to Kangmir’s challenge to go to Paris. done.

Mir Kang is said to have suffered a great deal of loss after hearing this news at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village on the 2nd while preparing for the Asian Championships.

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