Level 4 restrictions came into force three weeks ago across 11 local authority areas.

However, after being moved to Level 3, they can now reopen with other street shops.

This measure is a huge boost to the 2,000 employees who work in the store. They also pay £50m a year in taxes to the Treasury and pay £13.5m for horse racing through betting levies and media rights.

However, the BGC urged the Scottish Government to allow casinos to reopen at level 3 as well, given the best-in-class anti-Covid measures in place and the lack of evidence contributing to the spread of the virus.

BGC CEO Michael Duggar said, “The fact that betting shops can reopen is good news for our employees and customers.

“They’ve introduced a range of COVID-19 measures, including Perpex screens, hand sanitizer and strict social distancing rules, so it’s a safe environment for people to work and enjoy their bets.

“But because there are casinos, they will be able to reopen safely, too.”

He said: “As the UK recovers from the impact of the pandemic, betting shops and casinos that make economic contributions in terms of the taxes paid to the Treasury and the jobs they provide will be essential.바카라사이트

“The contribution of betting shops to horse racing, which have suffered financial difficulties due to the ban on visitors, cannot be overstated either. Scotland’s five racetracks have been hit hard by the pandemic, and we’re delighted that the store’s profits can now flow into the racing industry.”

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