Friday the 13th isn’t always unlucky.

Just ask the unnamed player who won two separate $100K jackpots at Caesars Palace Las Vegas last Friday.

The patron hit his first win, which was good for $100,250, at 1:09 a.m. on Friday. Then, exactly 15 minutes later, at 1:24 a.m., the same player won again. That total was $100,500.

Both wins were on Triple Play Draw Poker machines, Caesars Palace announced Thursday in a Twitter post. The game is a video poker machine.

Caesars Palace operator Caesars Entertainment didn’t reveal the player’s name or provide specifics about the wins.

Other Caesars Entertainment Jackpots
Two days later, on Sunday, also at Caesars Palace, a mystery player won a $119K jackpot on a slot machine. Details on the spin weren’t released by Caesars Entertainment.

Earlier this month, on January 7, a player won a jackpot of $200K on a video poker machine, also at Caesars Palace. The patron was playing Triple Double Bonus Poker. The winning hand included four 2s and a 3.

Two other Caesars Entertainment properties saw recent jackpots in Las Vegas.

At Paris Las Vegas, Gabriel Moreno of Pensacola, Fla., hit the Major Progressive jackpot on Three Card Poker for $199,281.40 on Saturday.

Moreno and his wife revealed they plan to use some of the money to remodel their house. They expect to take the balance and invest it.

On Sunday, at Harrah’s Las Vegas, an unnamed player, who was celebrating a birthday, got a six-card straight flush. The winner was playing I Luv Suits Poker. The winning jackpot was $130,831.

Earlier this month, a lucky local man started the new year right. He won more than $6.4 million while playing Pai Gow Progressive poker at the Flamingo Las Vegas Casino. The total jackpot was $6,443,401.

The player won the game with a straight flush. The winning cards were the eight, nine, 10, jack, queen, and ace of spades, as well as a joker.

Protect Yourself, Winnings
A word of caution to all the lucky winners. reported earlier this week that several casino security professionals urged lucky players to protect themselves and their winnings.

Some of their advice includes asking for a check instead of cash for winnings, especially if it is a larger sum. If you’re staying at the casino’s hotel, you should also temporarily store winnings in the cashier’s cage or in a safety deposit box. Winnings should be placed in a financial institution as soon as possible.카지노사이트 추천

If you win a jackpot, you can also use the casino’s security offerings as part of the safeguards, such as having a guard walk you to your car or hotel room.

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