Tottenham pays attention to FW for ‘busting Hwang Sun-hong’

Danish media outlet Bolt said on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) that several European clubs, including Tottenham, are showing interest in Brønby striker Yuito Suzuki.

The media reported, “As Yuito Suzuki continues to play, his ransom will continue to rise. He will be one of the best sales figures in the Super League. Last summer, Brønby paid only 5 million kroner (about 600 million won) to Suzuki,” and added, “As for the matter, how much profit Brønby will make from selling him to big clubs.”

Director Carsten Jensen and owner Global Football Holdings said, “The offer coming to Suzuki will be so big that it will be difficult to refuse,” adding that his expected transfer fee could go up to 25 million euros (about 36.8 billion won).

Suzuki, born in 2001, is a striker born in Miura City, Kawanaga Prefecture, Japan, who is 175 centimeters tall but has solid physical and speed. After joining Shimizu S-Pulse in February 2020 after going through Ichifuna High School, he later entered the European stage on loan from Strasbourg (France) in January 2023 and successfully transferred to Brünby in August.

In particular, Suzuki is known as a striker who bothered Hwang Sun-hong a lot as the Japanese national under-21 team. At the Asian Cup of AFC U-23 held in Uzbekistan in 2022, Suzuki scored multiple goals for South Korea, which he met in the quarterfinals, becoming the top contributor to his team’s 3-0 complete victory. Based on his performance at the time, Yuito also laid the groundwork for his team to advance to Europe.

Suzuki, who spent his first full season in Europe after moving to the club, competed with Cho Kyu-sung (Mitwillan) in Denmark. In 24 matches in the Super League, he scored nine goals and seven assists, and 11 goals and nine assists in 30 official matches to emerge as a top striker in the league.

Notably, Suzuki, who came down one level as a second-line striker before the split round, made as many as five assists in the split round, displaying his selfless self-help by not only scoring goals but also helping his teammates. He has four goals and five assists in eight matches alone in the championship round.

Tottenham is not the only team aiming for Suzuki. “Many big clubs including Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham (England), AC Milan (Italy), Espanyol (Spain), Stuttgart (Germany), and Ajax (the Netherlands) have confirmed Uito’s performance,” the media said.

“Jax, Tottenham and Stuttgart are looking to make a big offer, checking him once more in a few weeks,” he added.

Suzuki scored both goals in the 2-1 home win over Mitwilan on April 22 and impressed in front of three club officials.

The media outlet said, “Stutgart officially proposed to Brønby. Thomas Henning, a scout for Stuttgart, came to Denmark and observed him more closely. Seeing Uito, he was not disappointed.”

“I know that other clubs have come and checked on him. I like watching him play as well,” Brønby coach Yesfer Sørensen said of Suzuki. “I’m not worried about losing him. He’s a good player. Everyone could see that he could pull off more things. I’m happy that he’s with Brønby and I can understand if other clubs like him.”안전놀이터

Suzuki, who can stand in both central attacking positions, can compete in striker and attacking midfielder. If Suzuki joins Tottenham, there is a possibility that he will match Son Heung-min with an attacking combination at the front line.

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