Barcelona has made a decision in the Spanish Primera Liga

Barcelona has made a shocking decision in the Spanish Primera Liga. The club has decided to sack head coach Chavi Hernandez at the end of the season, after he was expected to stay on until recently. President Juan Laporta made the decision. The irresponsible comments made by the coach were the spark.

‘Barcelona president Laporta has decided to sack Chavi at the end of the season,’ Football España reported on Sunday (KST). Chavi and Barcelona’s hierarchy have had an on-again, off-again relationship this season, with the player repeatedly saying he would leave the club and then saying he would stay.

In January, Barcelona announced on its website that Xavi would leave the club at the end of the season. After a loss to Villarreal, 토토사이트 Xavi reportedly told the board that he was leaving on his own accord. However, over the course of the season, the two sides narrowed their differences. Finally, about a month ago, Chavi said, “I’m a big fan of Barcelona and I trust President Laporta and his team. To repay the trust shown to me, I will start working again,” he said, announcing his intention to stay.

But then things changed again.

And this time, it looks like it won’t be reversed. This is because Laporta is extremely upset with Chavi’s recent comments. According to Football España, “Laporta was extremely angry with Chavi’s press conference before last Wednesday’s match against Almeira. Other board members also put pressure on the coach to get rid of him,” revealing that Barcelona’s hierarchy had decided to get rid of him.

At the time, Chavi said that it would be difficult to compete with Real Madrid and that he hadn’t planned to sign Vitor Hokey in January. These statements were seen as a failure to honor the agreement he had made with Laporta when he decided to stay with the team.

This angered Laporta to no end. 사설 토토사이트 He will no longer give Chavi a chance. Most media outlets in Spain reported that Chavi’s dismissal was finalized. There is little chance of Laporta reversing his decision.

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