Bayer 04 Leverkusen specialized in “theater goals”.

Leverkusen advanced to the final with a 2-2 draw, one win and one draw in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League semifinal home match against AS Roma at Bayer Arena in Leverkusen, Germany, on the 10th (Korea time).

The unbeaten streak also increased to 49 games. Leverkusen proved to be the best “unbeaten” team in Europe, beating Benfica’s unbeaten record of 48 games in 1965.

In the match against Rome, Stanisic’s equalizer, which exploded just before the end of the game, shone. In the 90th minute of the second half, he tried to shoot with a great dribble and a fake and pierced Svillard, who had 12 fantastic saves throughout the game.

Leverkusen conceded two penalties to Paredes alone, before falling behind 0-2 until the 82nd minute. However, Mancini’s own goal chased the team 1-2 and eventually Stanisic’s theatrical goal exploded, allowing them to continue their 2-2 and unbeaten streak.

The point of their 49-game unbeaten streak lies in the background. “Blitzer Report Football” reported on its SNS that Leverkusen had scored a whopping 14 goals since the 90th minute of this season. That is a whopping 14 goals in 13 games.
Leverkusen had such a strong background that they were able to continue their unbeaten streak without losing. Their records were not made by luck.

Leverkusen with manager Xavi Alonso are certainly rewriting the history of European football and their march is ongoing.

Leverkusen reached the UEFA Championship finals for the first time in 22 years since the 2001-02 season, and are now looking to win the championship. It is also on its way to the top in 36 years since winning the 1987–88 UEFA Cup.

Leverkusen have already won the Bundesliga title for the first time in 120 years since their foundation. They are reaching the final round of the DFB Pokal, and are highly likely to win as their opponent is Kaiserslautern from the second division. If they break down Atalanta in the Europa League final, they can achieve a mini-tribble.토토사이트

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