If you don’t understand the national culture, don’t coach me!”

Mourinho talked about the Korean national team on Wednesday when he appeared on Nexon’s soccer game FC Online YouTube channel. “I think it is one of the talented teams in Asia. It is a pity whenever the Korean national team is eliminated from the Asian Cup. I don’t understand why it is being eliminated. I don’t understand why it is being eliminated against Qatar and Jordan recently.”

“There are many good players in Korean soccer right now who are suitable for modern soccer. They have skills and physical aspects suitable for modern soccer. Some players have European soccer experience, which is considered the best. Especially, when my friend Paulo Bento was a coach in Korea, I saw him often, and he seemed to have higher quality than other Asian countries. So please win the Asian Cup.”

Mourinho was not aware that Klinsmann had been dismissed. When the host announced Klinsmann’s dismissal, he was surprised and said, “When? Really? You were fired? I didn’t know that.” Mourinho said, “I think we need to build a consensus and understand culture wherever we go. If people in that country don’t want to understand, it’s worse than not.”

Klinsmann has become the worst coach in Korean soccer. He was appointed as the coach of the Korean national team on Feb. 27 last year. When he was appointed, many people viewed Klinsmann negatively due to various reasons such as lack of tactics, previous moves, and career interruption.

Controversy continued during the coach’s tenure. He thought he would stay in Korea, but he had a controversy over his overseas trip. It did not stop there. Ahead of the announcement of the A-match list in September, Klinsmann was not in Korea. Eventually, the announcement of the list was replaced by a press release. Previously, the announcement of the list was made through a press conference. He looked quite different from before.

Ahead of the Asian Cup, coach Klinsmann’s public opinion did not change and faced the Asian Cup in a bad situation. Still, there were many public opinions that it is not too late to judge based on the results of the tournament as there is an important tournament ahead.먹튀검증

Concerns arose in the Asian Cup. This Asian Cup was the right time for Korea to win the title, which has been Korea’s long-cherished dream. Korea has increased its competitiveness by participating in every World Cup since the 1986 World Cup. However, Korea was particularly weak in the Asian Cup. Korea has not won the Asian Cup title since 1960.

Klinsmann’s incompetence was clearly revealed in the Asian Cup. He led the golden generation of Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, Kim Min-jae, and Hwang Hee-chan, and continued with no-talk. He even appeared to be testing in the tournament. In the end, he ended his Asian Cup journey by losing helplessly to Jordan in the semifinals. Public opinion about Klinsmann’s replacement was burned after the Asian Cup. Klinsmann was forced to be replaced. In the end, the Korea Football Association replaced Klinsmann.

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