Harrah’s Entertainment purchased 166-room Bourbon Street and several eight-acre lots with a potential land investment.

Bourbon Street is at the corner of Flamingo Road and Audrie streets, across from Harrah-owned Bali, and between The Westin to the east and the Barbary to the west. The casino has 100 slot machines, which are managed by slot root operator United Coin Machine.

Hara informed 110 Bourbon Street employees on Friday that the property will be closed on Oct. 31. David Straw, a company spokesperson, said the employees will be invited to apply for jobs at Hara’s six Las Vegas casinos. “This was a strategic land purchase for future development,” Straw said, adding it was premature to say whether the building would be demolished. Harrah acquired bourbon street through subsidiary TRB Flamingo and ran the non-gaming part of the building.

Recently, Harrah closed to purchase a small strip mall across Bourbon Street, which faces Audrey Street and is anchored at Batista’s Hole in the Wall restaurant. Strow said the Italian-themed restaurant will continue to operate. When Harrah closed its $9 billion acquisition of Caesars Entertainment in mid-June, company officials said they would see Bally as a potential renovation project.슬롯

Bourbon Street opened in 1980 as Shenandoah with Newton, one of the investors. However, the property fell into bankruptcy court after four years of tangled management, with the casino never opened. In 1985, a Canadian-based company reopened its facility as New Orleans-themed Bourbon Street, the first foreign company to be licensed to operate a casino. However, the casino sold off two years later, marking the first of many of these deals in the past 15 years. Today, Bourbon Street is located under the Las Vegas monorail tracks.

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