“You have to be confident in the attack derived from Marei.”

“I asked him to confidently shoot the shots derived from Marei.”

Changwon LG Sakers is set to play against Suwon KT Sonic Boom in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 professional basketball semifinal playoff at KT Sonic Boom Arena in Suwon on the 22nd.

LG currently has an advantage with two wins and one loss, but the attack has not gone smoothly.

Coach Cho Sang-hyun said, “I did not have shooting percentage in the 2nd and 3rd games, so I am playing a game with 70 points. He asked me to make him confident in Maray-derived shots. KT is also emphasizing early offensiveness as it is a team with good defense. We are making efforts to create chances for our players to shoot more comfortably.”

Yoon Won-sang, who scored the last buzzer beater in Game 3, emerged as a hero.

“I have a lot of regrets,” Cho said. “I was not able to recruit (Yoo) Ki-weather a lot when selecting him. Still, he is preparing a lot. I thought I would need to wrestle inside with one minute left. I thought about Ki-weather and (Yoon) Wonsang, but I decided that it would be better for Wonsang to follow (Huh) Hoon. I was lucky.”

LG is effectively blocking Paris Bath.

“I am agonizing over whether to go to the help of another position or leave it to Maray,” Cho said. “If there is a player who explodes like Moon in the second round, I will change the player in the middle. After all, since he is a player who scores 20 points, what matters is how he gives the player. I have no choice but to score with my skills in a 5:5 game.” 토토사이트

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