24 points behind Jake Dennis in the championship, andThe two title characters started in the front row for Saturday’s race

While Cathy Dee led in the pole, his teammate Buemi moved ahead of Denis and served as a rear artillery to allow Cathy Dee to perform all attack mode activations and maintain the lead.

Kathydi then allowed Buemi to take the lead so that his teammate could waste less time when he took his attacking mode, but the two ran third and fourth as Buemi took the lead once the order was shaken.

The pair took a side-by-side lap before Buemi entered defensive on turn 1, before Cathy pulled side-by-side through the opening turn, before Buemi cut from the front on turn 4.

The resulting contact damaged Cathy D’s front wing and required a pitstop for replacement, but New Zealand retired after contacting Edoardo Mortara of Maserati as Dennis secured the title.

“I won the race, and I did both attacks. I was full of energy. I was leading the way and I was so kind,” Cathy said.

“I gave up the lead to help him and do my part for the team. Maybe I need to be a little selfish.

“I felt like these [last] two races were just out of their minds. We also had every chance of winning.

“I don’t want to take anything away from Jake, but I just kicked like crazy.”

When asked if the incident would be a matter for the team or Buemi, Kathydi said: “The championship is gone for both. I’m not the kind of person who wants to fight about what happened in the past.”

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Buemi finished fourth on the road before being promoted to the third post race, earning valuable points for engagement in team search for the team’s title as the team tied with the Jaguars on points.

Buemi said he didn’t get radio instructions from the team when Kathy Dee fell behind, adding he had to “understand what went wrong” ahead of his second race at Excel London on Sunday.

“I served Nick today. I didn’t really care,” Buemi said.

“We definitely need to go over everything and see what we did wrong as a team.

“There is no blame for anyone. I have to understand what’s wrong but I’m very sorry because I think we lost a lot of points.

“I didn’t know (at the time of the collision) if he was trying to defend from someone else, if I was lifting too much, or if he was really trying to attack me,” he said. “Obviously I saw him in number one and two, and I didn’t expect him to be there in T3. 안전놀이터

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