‘Toward the Top’

Ha Seung-woo (Yongin University) and Han Jae-kwang (Yangpyeong County Office) topped the men’s university and general weight classes side by side at the 2024 Yanggu Peace Cup National Judo Competition.

Ha Seung-woo, the youngest member of the Judo family, won the title on the first day of the competition held at Yanggu Culture Gymnasium in Gangwon Province by defeating Lee Jin-hwan (Korea National Sports University), the lightest men’s college, in the 60kg final with 1:36 left in the race. It is the first championship in two years since he entered the university.

Earlier, Ha Seung-woo beat Choi Woo-hyuk (Wideok University) in the round of 16, took three maps from Kim Tae-yoon, his senior at the same school, and won the semifinal, laying Son Jin-woo (International University) in a piggyback.

In the men’s 73-kilogram final, Han Jae-kwang won his first gold medal of the season by winning a victory over Bae Dong-hyun (Pohang City Hall) in a half-way race. It is the first time in nine months that he has won a national championship since the Yangpyeong Mongyang Cup in July last year.

Han Jae-kwang beat Kang Sung-min (Jeonbuk Judo Association) in the round of 16 with an Andari and won by default to Ko Seung-jo (National Sports Unit) in the quarterfinals, and Kim Dae-hyun (Incheon City Hall) took half of the field legs first in the semifinals and then won a game a minute later to advance to the final.

After Lim Joo-yong (Namyangju City Hall) defeated Kim Han-soo (Yongin City Hall) in the semi-finals, he also won the final round with Kim Jong-hoon (Yangpyeong County Office) lying on a field bridge after a close game.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-ah (Yongin University) of the women’s university division won the gold medal by beating Kang Ji-hyun of the same school with a single press in the final, while Kim Dong-heon of the men’s university division, Kim Min-jae of the 73kg division, and Kim Jong-min of the 81kg division also accompanied them to the top.

On the other hand, Lee Sang-joon (Yangpyeong County Office) in the men’s 81-kilogram final lost to Lee Kwang-hee (National Sports Unit) and won second place, while Cho Hwan-kyun (Yongin City Hall) in the 60kg class and Yoon Woo-mi (Gyeonggi University) in the 63-kilogram class in the women’s college also won second place in the final after lying down by Kim Jin-seok (Korail) and Ji Yeon-joo (Korea National Sports University), respectively.

“We applaud the efforts of the players who made it to the finals in three weight classes despite the fact that the national team players were out. What’s regrettable is that they failed to endure the final minutes of the 90-kilogram class and finished second. We expect them to do better next time as a lesson,” Yangpyeong County Office coach Chae Sung-hoon said. 토토사이트

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