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Originally rooted in Miami Beach, the namesake of lapis spa takes its name from lapis lazuli, a deep celestial blue crystal associated with the protective qualities of strength, courage, strength, wisdom, intuition, intellectual, truth and spiritual connection. Designed by Milan-based Lisoni & Partners and led by Fontainebleau Las Vegas Spa and wellness director Jennifer Lynn, the Lapis Spa pays homage to Maurice Lapidus, architect and visionary designer of the original Fontainebleau Miami Beach. His signature “all-rule-breaking design” is within today’s Lapis Spa facility. The double-decker spa combines the art of ancient rejuvenation methodology with innovative modern healing techniques to provide a uniquely personalized immersive experience.

“All elements of Lapis Spa, created with precision, care and a commitment to well-being, will move our customers into the realm of calm and renewal,” Lin says. “Just as we pride ourselves on delivering a unique experience for our customers, we are proud to have formed a world-renowned team of health and wellness experts to guide them through each step of the experience. Lapis Spa and our fitness center are innovative and take our customers on the path to overall rejuvenation and renewal. Regardless of the length of stay, the impact of the experience will persist.”

Lapis Spa offers a variety of health promotion facilities, including 44 massages, face and body treatment rooms, cold plunges, nail salons, reboot lounges and penthouse spas for small group experiences. Additional highlights include:

  • Infrared Sauna – Designed to provide a comfortable sauna experience for the heat-sensitive, the sauna’s infrared lamps focus on delivering warmth directly to the skin without turning on thermostats.
  • Aufguss Sauna – One of the largest saunas in the United States, the Aufguss Sauna (or Event Sauna) is an avant-garde social well-being experience that incorporates theatrical presentations of towel movements choreographed by sauna, aromatherapy steam, music and lighting.
  • Salt Mist Chamber – Halo Therapy, known as speleterapy, is a salt-based treatment that focuses on health benefits for respiratory diseases. The Salt Mist Chamber is designed professionally as a salt brick wall and salt injection system that circulates microunits of mist salt into the chamber to help reduce inflammation, remove toxins, and improve lung function.
  • Experience Shower – A playful way to clean the body, Lapis Spa’s seven experience showers combine perfectly with hydrotherapy circuits, Aufguss or infrared saunas, or Salt Mist Chamber treatments. Different showers include body spray, overhead bucket bliss flooding, and simulated soft storms, with each experience delivering contrasting water therapy.
  • Snow Shower – A unique and ingenious way to cool down, snow showers cool down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and snow machines fill the space with white, fluffy snowflakes. A perfect way to cool down after heat treatment, heated floors keep your toes warm and your eyes melt away as you hit the ground.
  • Herb Inhalation Room – Incorporating a long-standing practice of soothing and elevating the mind and soul by utilizing the essence of plants, the Herb Inhalation Room uses essential oils to provide therapeutic, psychological and physiological relaxation in a comfortable environment.

Lapis Spa’s wellness escape atmosphere is designed to help guests achieve their personal goals best, with natural biological rhythms and biological clocks changing neutral spaces throughout the day with immersive sensory elements covering everything from aromatherapy to lighting, starting with a calm atmosphere in the morning and turning into more vibrant energy in the afternoon.

Complementing Lapis Spa is the fitness center. A functional, performance-based environment, the fitness center has peloton bikes, woodway treadmills, hydro lowers, Versa climbers and eco bikes, along with traditional cardio equipment. Advanced strength equipment located in the performance zone includes Jacobs Ladder, HIIT modular systems, sled push and tractor tire flip areas to diversify the exercise experience. The Movement Studio within the Fitness Center offers daily lessons on yoga, pilates, stretching and recovery. Guests also have access to personal trainers and provide hands-on services to motivate and lead through the facility’s wellness program.

“Whether we’re talking about strength and conditioning, diet and nutrition, recovery and regeneration, we’re focused on meeting the core needs of our guests,” Lin says. “We have created a destination for a user-friendly and accessible experience where guests can incorporate their fitness-focused lifestyle into their stay at Fontainebleau Las Vegas.” 슬롯사이트 순위

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