31 counts in 67 District Court, located at 630 South Saginaw St., Flint.

Authorities seized 100 gambling devices, $29,204 suspected gambling proceeds and 62 gift cards of various denominations in a raid at Bristol Spot located at 723 South State Road, Davidson, and 1374 East Bristol Road, Burton.

“Responsibility is important when it comes to maintaining justice and ensuring a fair and honest gaming environment in Michigan,” said Henry Williams, MGCB’s executive director. “While the Michigan Gaming Control Board will continue to hold those who choose to evade the law accountable for their actions, we also acknowledge the importance of fairness, equality, and presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. We operate with integrity and our investigators are committed to the basis of due process protecting the rights of all individuals involved.”

Charges were filed against the following people in August and September:

  • Joseph Toporek and Mary Larkin each face five charges: three felony counts of running unlicensed gambling and committing crimes using computers; the high court misdemeanor of maintaining a gambling place for gain; and the misdemeanor of maintaining a gambling place.
  • Shaun Bella II, Shaun Bella Jr., and Gazwan Brico face seven charges each: five felony charges, five felony charges, operating an unlicensed gambling house, committing a crime using a computer, one high court gambling house maintenance misdemeanor, and one gambling house maintenance misdemeanor.

According to the law, criminal charges are merely accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. All defendants, such as Toporek on August 18, Brico on August 25, Larkin on August 26, Bella II on September 5, and Bella Sr. on September 12, have been charged, and posted personal bonds while awaiting a possible hearing on September 28. 카지노사이트 순위

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