‘One-on-one tweezer tutoring for the players’ Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong says, “It’s still not enough.”

On the day of the game, individual team meetings Introducing strategies such as opponent’s weaknesses
Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong

Coach Kim Ki-dong of FC Seoul, a K-League 1 professional soccer team that scored 5 goals and won a landslide victory, has started to move into the leading ranks.

Seoul defeated Gimcheon Sangmu 5-1 in the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 5th round home game held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 3rd.

Seoul, which showed a cool performance for a long time, rose to 4th place (8 points).

Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong said in an interview after the game, “Today’s game was a watershed for whether we can compete at the top level,” and “I think the players also knew the importance and focused more.”

He then gave a favorable review, saying, “I said that a strong team should seize the opportunity when it presents itself, and the players seem to have recognized it well.”

Coach Kim held two individual meetings with the players this morning and afternoon.

Methods to attack the Gimcheon defense were taught through one-on-one ‘tweezers tutoring.’

Coach Kim said, “This is the first time I’ve held an individual meeting with the players on the day of a game. I called the defense and attack and talked to them about the loopholes in the opponent’s build-up and what we need to do. I think we fit in perfectly. “He was delighted.

On this day, Seoul recorded all 8 shots in the first half as effective shots, and showed perfect goal-scoring ability by converting 4 of them into goals.

Coach Kim said before the game that it seemed like it took time for the players to properly understand the type of soccer he was pursuing. He also looked back and said, “I think the players were confused because I made changes in a situation where they were not fully aware of the basic framework.” did.

Regarding this, Coach Kim added, “I thought that all players had to be aware of the kind of soccer I pursue so that they can easily follow the changes,” and then became even more greedy, saying, “It’s still a little lacking.”

He then pledged, “We must play the season without ups and downs. One game is good and one game is bad, and that shouldn’t be the case,” and “We need to establish a framework as soon as possible. I will continue to work hard.”

Coach Kim said, “It depends on whether the opponent will use 4 or 5 backs, but we will try to be consistent in the process of playing the game,” and predicted small variations within the larger framework in future games.

Regarding Ilyuchenko, who played well with 2 goals and 2 assists that day, Coach Kim said, “I think he gained confidence through today’s game,” and expected, “If he continues to show like this, the team will also get better.” 고스톱

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