KLPGA Doosan Engineering & Construction Championship provides free accommodation to ‘mom golfers’

Mother golfer Park Joo-young.

During most tournaments, players on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) tour prepare lodgings near the golf course where the tournament is held.

This is because reducing travel time as much as possible during the period leading up to the pro-am, practice round, and competition is essential to maintaining optimal condition.

Of course, there are costs.

In particular, if the competition is held in Jeju Island, it is quite a burden to cover the round-trip airfare and the expensive lodging costs unique to tourist destinations.

The burden is even greater because you have to add the caddy’s airfare and lodging expenses. 파워볼사이트

If you get to the top and receive a large amount of prize money, you won’t have to worry, but there are no guarantees. Moreover, if you miss the cut, you will not receive a penny of the prize money.

Ahn Seon-ju and Park Ju-young, who participated in the Doosan Engineering & Construction We’ve Championship, which started on the 4th, were provided with free accommodation and went to the game with a much more comfortable mind.

The two are staying free of charge during the tournament in a resort room attached to Teddy Valley Golf & Resort in Seogwipo, where the tournament is being held.

Since the room is a 3-minute walk from the golf course, I saved money on renting a car that would have been necessary if I had rented another accommodation.

The main company that provided the two with rooms at the golf & resort resort was Doosan Engineering & Construction, which hosts the Doosan Engineering & Construction We’ve Championship.

The reason Doosan Engineering & Construction provided accommodations for the two is because they are ‘mom golfers.’

Ahn Seon-ju gave birth to twin daughters in 2021 and is raising them, and Park Joo-young won her first championship last year after giving birth to a son in 2022.

Oh Se-wook, managing director of Doosan Engineering & Construction’s PR team, said, “In a situation where low birth rates are raising concerns about population extinction, we believe that the country and people should support and consider mothers who give birth and raise babies. Players Ahn Seon-joo and Park Joo-young are the only two mother players on the KLPGA tour. “But I thought we had to be considerate, so we provided accommodations so they could play comfortably.”

Seon-ju Ahn started the match with Bo-min Shin and Kusua Michai (Thailand) at the 10th hole at 11:35 a.m. on this day, and Joo-young Park teed off at the 1st hole with Hee-jeong Lim and Yun-ji Jeong at 11:55 a.m. 온라인 슬롯

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