‘Home Game With Japan’ Fails With Confiscation and Fines of 15 Million Won

North Korean soccer, which caused a stir by refusing to play the second Asian qualifying match for the 2026 North Korea-China World Cup scheduled to be held in Pyongyang, will be fined following its forfeiture.

FIFA announced on the 3rd that it will impose an additional 10,000 Swiss francs (about 15 million won) in addition to the forfeiture penalty for the North Korean Football Association for refusing to play the fourth Group B home game of the second Asian qualifying round for the North-China World Cup against Japan.

Five days before the World Cup qualifying match against Japan, which was scheduled to take place at Kim Il Sung Stadium in Pyongyang on April 26, North Korea unilaterally informed the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to decide on a third venue because it cannot play a home game. AFC considered moving the game to a neutral zone quickly, but canceled the game itself, concluding that it was difficult to guarantee the safety of players and fans as well as preparations for the game due to tight schedule. FIFA held a disciplinary committee meeting on April 24 and decided on the North’s 0-3 forfeiture.

It is presumed that the reason why the North Korean Football Association gave up its home game is because of the recent spread of Staphylococcus aureus throughout Japan. The North Korean media reported last month that the fatality rate of the strangus, which is rampant in Japan, is in the 30 percent range. The Japanese national soccer team should not be allowed to enter the country. The North, which has virtually no response system to infectious diseases, recklessly blocked its borders and managed to survive even during the period when COVID-19 spread.

In the end, only Japan benefited. It easily grabbed three points by skipping an away match in Pyongyang. It recorded 12 points with four consecutive wins in the group stage, confirming its advance to the final Asian qualifying round for the North-China World Cup regardless of the results of the remaining two matches. North Korea, which failed to add more points along with forfeiture, only ranked third in Group B (1 win, 3 points). It is in a difficult situation as it has to overcome second-place Syria (7 points) with two remaining matches. North Korea will face off against Syria in Pyongyang on June 6. 토토사이트

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