The under-23 national soccer team, which is seeking to participate in the Paris Olympics

Has begun its last-minute tempering ahead of the final Asian qualifying round, which is just two weeks away.

The players and manager Hwang Seon-hong, who started their last training session in Korea, shouted the team slogan vigorously and were determined.

[One team! One goal!]

It means that we will come together and achieve our goals.

Our team, which is challenging to advance to the world’s first ’10th consecutive’ Olympic finals, must win a direct ticket to the finals if it ranks third out of 16 countries, and play a playoff against the African team if it ranks fourth.

[Hwang Sun-hong/Olympic national soccer team coach: No one has overcome it, so we have to do those things for the first time, and we will prepare to achieve the goals we want]

Our team will depart on Friday for a final training camp in the United Arab Emirates and then move to Qatar. 메이저 토토사이트

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