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KT is off to a completely different start than expected. Starting from below is similar to before, but the contents are different.

KT had one win and seven losses in eight matches that took place since the opening of the season. It had its only victory when it beat Doosan 8-7 after four consecutive losses in the season. Won Sang-hyun, a rookie with high school diploma, started the game and allowed three runs in three innings to take a 6-4 lead, before barely winning the game thanks to a blon save in the eighth inning and a walk-off hit by Park Byung-ho in the bottom of the ninth inning.

His batting average is 0.286, the best after that of LG and Hanwha, but his ERA is the lowest at 8.66. Among them, he has a starting ERA of 10.06. This is a very unfamiliar report card to KT. Ko Young-pyo had 13 hits and nine runs in four innings in his first appearance of the season, while Wes Benjamin (16.88) and Um Sang-baek (10.29), both of whom played in two games, also had double-digit ERA. Only ace William Cuevas threw well, allowing one run in five innings against Samsung on Sunday and two runs in seven innings against Hanwha on Sunday, but gave up the finishing run in the bullpen after going down the mound without receiving support from batters.

KT is the strongest team in starting the KBO league. Its biggest strength was that it created several starting resources and its rotation went smoothly even if one player was excluded for a short time. It was the reason why it was picked as a favorite to win the championship, but it started the season in the opposite direction.

KT also fell to the bottom of the standings last year, but started running after June and finished second. Although there were many injured players, its starting pitchers managed to hold on by playing baseball, which blocked long innings with the least number of lost goals. Nonetheless, it had four wins, one draw and five losses in its first 10 games, and three of the four wins were its starting pitchers.

The start of this year is similar to that of 2022. In the same year, KT had two wins and nine losses in the opening 11 games, including four consecutive losses since its victory in the opening game, but it also fought back after June to play fall baseball. Still, its starters threw well back then.

Chances are high that it is only temporary that all of the good starters are all sluggish at the same time. This is because baseball is a team game and an atmosphere. KT is currently in a good form of hitting. It is difficult for KT to stand up unless it recovers its strong point of starting baseball. Of all cases, the showdown between the two teams is also quite coincidental. Since the opening of the season, KT has been passing by only teams with gusty enthusiasm in the beginning of this season. Following Samsung and Doosan, Hanwha suffered consecutive losses. It has no time to breathe and must meet KIA from Friday. KIA, which has won five games and lost one game since the season’s opening, is in perfect balance between pitchers and batters. Starting pitchers Yang Hyun-jong, James Nail and Lee will start in order.

KT must regain its reputation as a starting pitcher. It will now have a head-on battle with Yang. Afterwards, it is Cuevas’ turn to play after Wonsang. In the three consecutive KIA games in which the first Korean and first foreign starters will be selected, the team must stop losing consecutive games and regain its power as a starting pitcher. 토토사이트먹튀

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