“I think they will worry about it,”

Richarlison left Everton in the summer of 2022 and joined Tottenham. Richarlison had such high expectations that he paid a huge sum of 60 million pounds (approximately 99.8 billion won) and gave him the number 9 jersey, Gareth Bale’s number.

However, Richarlison only scored one goal in 27 league games last season. This season he remains at just one goal in 11 appearances. The last goal was an equalizer in the 5th round match against Sheffield United, a 2-1 win last September.

Richarlison, who had been complaining of mental problems for a while due to negative relationships with people around him, also underwent groin surgery last month. It was initially reported that it would be difficult for him to play this year, but he was included in the squad earlier than expected, playing for 5 minutes in the last away game against Manchester City.

Richarlison’s slump ironically contributed to Son Heung-min’s transformation into a frontline striker. This is because Richarlison was unable to fill the void left by Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), and Son Heung-min is doing his job properly. Now, ‘Angie Ball’ is advocating attacking soccer centered on ‘SON Top’.

Comparatively, Richarlison’s value within the team has decreased. Due to his lack of decision-making ability, it became difficult to use him as a striker, and Richarli Song, who was not good as a winger, effectively became a surplus resource with the addition of James Maddison. If the number of injuries hadn’t continued, he might have been disposed of long ago.

Saudi Arabia’s interest appears to have resumed once Richarlison started playing again. Saudi clubs have persistently wanted Richarlison since last summer. The changes resulting from the recruitment of strikers in the January transfer market may have an impact on Richarlison’s actions.

Chairman Daniel Levy, who is directly involved in forming the team, does not appear to be in a hurry as Richarlison’s contract expires in the summer of 2027. The plan is to monitor Richarlison’s situation. At the same time, they have no intention of selling Richarlison at a low price, as Saudi Arabia wants.

Manager Angie Postecoglu also does not want to sell Richarlison until the attacking resources are in place. Whether next January or summer, finding a replacement for Richarlison is an urgent priority. As attack resources are lacking, Richarlison’s return is welcome.

First of all, at a press conference ahead of the home game against West Ham on the 8th, coach Postekoglou said, “Richarlison played 5 minutes against Manchester City, but his physical condition is not completely good. He can still play,” he said. The possibility of appointment was mentioned.

He added: “We’ve worked hard with the medical staff and sports science staff. Talking to him and watching him, he feels a lot better. But he hasn’t been able to train for three or four weeks and there’s a lot of work to be done over the next few weeks to get him back to full strength. “There is,” he added.

In particular, he explained, “In a situation where there are quite a lot of games, our team has the good advantage of being able to change the three front strikers during the game depending on the time. It is very important whether Richarlison can start or be substituted.”

In the meantime, when asked if he was planning to build a striker centered around Son Heung-min, Coach Postekoglou said, “That’s right. Of course. Son Heung-min will be a very important part of the team we are building,” adding, “Of course, that means we will not recruit another striker.” “It doesn’t mean that,” he emphasized.

He also said, “Son Heung-min will also ask me to recruit another striker. To create a winning team, top players want more great players. They never settle,” revealing that Son Heung-min also wants to recruit a striker.

He said, “The best players don’t just sit back and say, ‘I am an important player.’ They want to have good enough players around them. They want players who are motivated to succeed,” and added, “Son Heung-min is a big part of that team. “There is no doubt that we will win it,” he said 토토사이트

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