As soon as he comes to Korea, he meets individually, and I hope the Spanish coach, born in 1984, will do it.

Spill enough energy to walk around.”

KB Insurance finished the 2023-24 season at the bottom. It was the first time since the launch of the V-League that KB Insurance finished the season at the bottom. It also had only five wins and 31 losses and 21 points, but the number of single-digit wins in a single season was also the first in 19 years since it had nine wins (11 losses) in the 2005 season. The team recorded 12 consecutive losses, the most ever set by a team in the 2019-20 season, and has had a hard time rebounding.

In the end, coach Hu In-jeong, who joined the team’s first championship game, voluntarily resigned at the end of the season. While acting coach Kim Hak-min led the rest of the season, the names of several domestic and foreign leaders were mentioned, but KB Insurance’s choice was Miguel Rivera.

Miguel was born in 1984 and is from Spain. He began his leadership career in Spain in 2006. He coached the Spanish U19 and U21 national teams from 2009 to 2014, and analyzed the performance of the Spanish national team from 2014 to 2016. He served as a coach from 2017 to 2021.

Then, he took the helm in 2016 for the first time. CV Teruel of the Spanish league has won two Spanish Cup titles (2017-18 and 2018-19), two Spanish Cup titles (2018 and 2020), and five Spanish Super Cup titles (2016-2020), establishing himself as a prestigious club.

In 2023, he served as interim head coach of Spain’s U21 national team, and in the 2023-24 season, he served in the Spanish Women’s Volleyball League.

He has been the coach of the Spanish men’s volleyball team since 2022. Since his inauguration as the coach of the Spanish national team, Miguel has performed well in Europe, where many of the world’s leading teams are located, and instantly elevated his ranking in the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball Association (FIVB) from 49th to 33rd. He resigned from the Spanish Volleyball Association to focus on KB Insurance.

An official from KB Insurance said, “We have closely reviewed domestic and foreign leaders who can leap forward as a prestigious traditional club and lead the team to the championship next season. Among the various candidates, Miguel decided to be the right person to systematically grow KB Insurance.”

“This is the first time I came to Korea as a coach before I became a coach,” Miguel told reporters at the KB Talentium in Suwon, a practice gym for KB Insurance. “I’m excited. I was grateful when KB Insurance contacted me. Thank you for giving me faith in the midst of so many candidates. I feel really good, and it’s an honor to join the V-League. I will do my best to help KB Insurance grow and contribute,” he said.

As mentioned above, it is Miguel’s first overseas challenge. Among many countries, why did he choose to go to Korea? Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez, the former Korean women’s volleyball team, was influenced.

Miguel said, “I was well aware of the V-League. Spanish players, including Villena, played a lot. I also have close relations with Cesar. He talked a lot about the V-League and Korea. I was able to make a decision because it was a good challenge.”

“He talked a lot about the structure of Korean volleyball. He also said that the understanding of European volleyball is different from that of Korean volleyball. However, that is natural. Europe and Asia certainly have differences. It is natural that there is a culture shock.”

The first thing Miguel did after coming to KB Insurance was an individual meeting with the players.

“I communicated individually with the players. It was important to get to know people before I become a player. I met and heard stories from all the players,” he said. “The first impression of the players must have been very positive due to poor performance last season. Players also hope for many changes. As it is my first time as a foreign coach, I actively participated in interviews and have open thoughts. I was grateful that they talked freely about what they thought.”

“Players are also waiting for growth. What we can do right now is that everyone should do their best. Players give trust to their coaches, and they have to trust their players. We have to go forward together,” he added.

KB Insurance finished at the bottom last season amid a disappointing performance of Jung Min-soo with a single middle blocker and a key libero.

However, Miguel said, “I don’t want to blame anyone. It is everyone’s responsibility that a team won five games and lost 31 games in a season. It is not the fault of Middle Blocker and Libero. When looking at our team’s performance, we were sixth or seventh. We need to improve the overall condition of our players, not just one or two positions.”

The volleyball of KB Insurance that Coach Miguel wants to show is full of energy.

“At the end of next year’s season, we need to devote enough energy to the extent that we can’t walk around afterwards. When the season is over, we will invest enough energy for the players to use their energy. If we pour out all our energy, we can come in second place. However, if we regret that we could have done better, we will be angry. A certain ranking is not our goal. I can’t promise the result, but it’s important to show the best performance.”

Finally, Miguel said, “What I look forward to the most is the appearance of our home fans. We need the support of our home fans. We hope that our good performance will highly attract fans’ attention.” 토토사이트 추천

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