Rookie Cho Joon-hee (20, 187), who was nominated by Samsung based on his potential, has rarely played much.

In order to seize the opportunity, adapting to the 5:5 basketball game is a prerequisite.

Samsung acquired the third pick in the rookie draft last year, and called Cho Joon-hee in a surprise move. At the time, Cho was evaluated as an unexpected choice. Cho joined the draft after going through a practical test to become an ordinary person while waiting unfinished business.

Cho Joon-hee started playing basketball there in 2015, when she was in the fourth grade of elementary school, while studying in Canada. After graduating from Renaissance Academy High School, he took a leave of absence from Cerritos University and came to Korea. He has good athletic ability, but he also had relatively few opportunities to learn systematic basketball.

Acting Samsung coach Kim Hyo-beom, who took the helm after former coach Eun Hee-seok during the season, also hinted at the possibility of appointing younger players. Recently, however, veteran players have stepped up and Cho has failed to take a chance.

“(Joe) Jun-hee has great will and passion. However, I have played basketball since I was a high school student. After all, I need to be able to play 5:5 basketball to understand the team’s offense and defense.” In other words, I need to understand the team’s tactics and play basketball as five players.

Acting coach Kim said, “It is difficult to play in many remaining games. I think I can put it in when the score gap widens. I want to rotate and put it in, but I need to show Jun-hee (adapting to the 5:5 basketball) during practice.”


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