Acting Coach Kim Hyo-beom and Gage Prim talk about before the game?

Until the whistle starts, everyone, whether they are on the same team or the other team, is a team that moves together within the big framework of basketball. Therefore, during the preparation time, there are many conversations on the court, such as asking how each other is doing.

There is no exception for the coaching staff. The 2023-2024 professional basketball regular season match between the Seoul Samsung and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis took place at Jamsil Gymnasium on Wednesday. At the court, acting Samsung coach Kim Hyo-beom and Gage Prim (Hyundai Mobis) shared long stories with each other. What was the topic.

Acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said before the game, “We just talked about this and that (laughs). Actually, I handed over my business card to Prim in the U.S. before. He still remembered that. And I asked him about his future goals. He said NBA is his dream. It was good to see him confident.”

“That’s why you have good court energy. I hope you continue to maintain good performance and achieve your dream someday,” he said with a smile.

As such, acting coach Kim Hyo-beom can communicate directly with foreign players in English. This can certainly be seen as one of the positive factors for the team.

Acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said, “I think foreign players feel comfortable. They usually talk about trivial things, such as daily conversations, rather than basketball stories. The same applies to Kofi Coburn and Ismael Lane. They also talk about delicious food (laughs). Lane’s son is really pretty again. We can’t forget about children’s stories.”

Acting coach Kim Hyo-beom is showing off new performances that he has never seen before, such as warming up with the players before the game. His performance also gained momentum, overcoming his initial slump to post five wins and four losses in the fifth round and three wins and two losses in the sixth round.


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