Just having the Korean Monster back in the dugout was enough

Just having the ‘Korean Monster’ back in the dugout was enough to reassure the younger players.

After a 12-year absence, the Hanwha Eagles’ Ryu Hyun-jin was busiest the day before his first pitch. He spent a lot of time trying to lift the team’s spirits, high-fiving the fielders as they came in from defense or applauding hitters who were frustrated with their at-bats.

An exhibition game between Lotte and Hanwha in the KBO League at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on June 16. Two hours before the start of the game, baseball fans wearing Lotte and Hanwha jerseys mingled and waited for the away team’s bus to arrive. Usually, it’s the away fans who wait, but on this day, Lotte and Hanwha were all together. The person they were waiting for was the ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin.

When Ryu made his comeback after 12 years, 토토사이트 more than 10,000 baseball fans gathered at Sajik Stadium, even though it was an exhibition game.

The atmosphere was electric at Sajik Stadium, where 12,445 people gathered.

From the moment he stepped onto the field to train, Ryu received a warm welcome from Lotte coaches and players. Coach Jung Sang-ho was the first to spot Ryu and greeted him with the words, “Wow, it’s Ryu Hyun-jin.” He then watched the players train from the third base.

Coach Kim Kwang-soo, who was watching the players practice from the third base line, ran over to Ryu and gave him a 90-degree salute, marking his return to Korea. Kim Kwang-soo, who was the head coach at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, warmly embraced Ryu as if he were his son.

Among the Hanwha players lined up in the dugout just before the start of the game, Ryu mimicked catcher Yoo Kang-nam’s framing movements and showed interest in the bat of Ahn Chi-hong, who was right next to him. When he saw familiar faces, he waved in the air to greet them, but when he made eye contact with manager Kim Tae-hyung, he quickly removed his hat and bowed to give him a folder.

When the game started, Ryu was at the front of the dugout to watch the younger players.

He clapped loudly and generously after every walk, hit, or home run. As they came in from defense, Ryu encouraged them and high-fived them as they continued to play.

It was a big boost for the Hanwha Eagles juniors to see a major league player they had only seen on TV wearing the same uniform as them.

With Ryu’s generous support, 파워볼사이트 the Hanwha batters responded with 17 hits, including two home runs, and eight runs in the win.

Even when he was scheduled to start the next day, Ryu spent more time with the younger players than resting. The effect of the “Korean Monster,” who puts the team first, not just his talent, is already showing in the exhibition games.

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