Then we’re good at organizing!

Game 3 of the women’s professional basketball playoffs against each other in 1 win and 1 loss.

Against Samsung Life Insurance’s Keana, who showed off his WNBA-class personal talent, Woori Bank won, showing that organizational basketball is like this.

Samsung Life mixed-race player Keana Smith will go.

But suddenly, this kind of talent comes out.

If you look again, it’s like scoring after a brilliant WNBA-class talent, which is amazing.

It’s not Woori Bank that’s going to back down like this.

You can’t miss the scene where Park Hye-jin breaks through and passes.

Coach Wi Sung-woo, who scored a goal and didn’t declare an AND-ONE, had a big gesture today, so there was a lot of bad desire to win on the bench.

Woori Bank’s organizational ability against Samsung’s individual skills widened its score from the third quarter, and eventually won and took a step ahead with two wins and one loss.

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