Cheonan Mo Tta will be reduced after the fact

In the K League 1 match between Gangwon and Gwangju on the 10th, Kang hit his elbow in the face while competing with the opponent in a corner kick situation in the second half of the extra time. The Korea Football Association’s referee committee evaluated Kang’s actions at a professional evaluation panel meeting as a foul that requires him to apply his exit.

During the match between Cheonan in the K League 1 and Cheongju in North Chungcheong Province on the 10th, Mota was sent off after stepping on the opponent’s ankle in the 31st minute of the first half. However, the referee committee of the Korea Football Association judged in a professional evaluation panel meeting that Mota’s first point of contact was the ground, and that the situation where the opponent’s shin stepped on was not intended to harm the opponent but to make his own play.

The federation’s reward and punishment committee decided to impose a two-game suspension for Kang’s actions and a post-reduction for Mota’s exit by combining the above evaluation contents of the Korea Football Association’s referee committee and the opinions of the federation’s technical committee.


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