‘Unintelligible’ mistakes repeatedly

On the first day of the exhibition game, caption error in the player’s name and game terminology, etc
In the highlight video, instead of the name of the participating team, write the episode 토토사이트 순위
Advertisements that go too far are on the cutting board

Teaving, who acquired the right to broadcast 2024 professional baseball, has been strongly criticized by baseball fans since the first day of the exhibition game for his clumsy operation and absurd mistakes.

Teaving made a number of subtitle errors while broadcasting an exhibition game of the KBO League that ended on Sunday. The term “SAFA,” which is used when a runner settles on the base, was incorrectly called “SAVE,” and the subtitle introducing Chae Eun-sung (Korean currency) was “22nd hitter Chae Eun-sung.” The numbers before the player’s name seem to have been given by the number of his back, unaware of the basic common sense of batting order (number 1 to 9). He also used Guillermo Heredia (SSG) as “Erediya” and Jeon Joon-woo as “Jeon Geun-woo” as well as the face of Jonathan Peraza (Korean currency) as the thumbnail of the Doosan game.

Beyond simple subtitles, the video has also caused inconvenience to users. The title of the highlight video uploaded by TVing does not specify which team the game will be played. Instead, the video was titled “Episode 730” and “731,” just like the drama. As a result, baseball fans could not find their favorite team’s game just by looking at the title.

The advertisement, which went too far, raised eyebrows. During the exhibition game, TVing dimly processed KBO official sponsors and put its own logo on top of it, and put about 30 seconds of advertisement at the beginning of the highlight video.

SBS Sports caster Jung Woo-young also criticized TVing. “TVing aired a professional baseball game last year as well, and I watched it a few times in the beginning of the season and went back to the portal site because it was not easy to find it,” he said on his Instagram account. “Now that we have become a digital and new media company, we have not improved at all.”

“(The video) is numbered in episodes 1, 2 and 3 as if it were a drama.” Of course, live streaming is important in sports, but processed videos that can be watched again are also important. “Considering that FinePlay videos are played hundreds of thousands or millions of times throughout the night on portal sites, videos that can be watched again and how to find them are also important.”

“I believe that with the opening of the (regular) season, it will change like a lie to an environment that baseball fans can easily access, such as the exclusive hall for each team and the ability to search for player names,” he wrote. “I wouldn’t have caught this without that much determination and consideration.”

TVing won the KBO League’s Wired and Wired broadcasting rights for the next three years for 135 billion won (annual average of 45 billion won). This far exceeds the existing Wired and Wired broadcasting rights contract of 110 billion won for five years (annual average of 22 billion won), the highest amount ever for a Korean professional sports Wired and Wired broadcasting rights. Fans can watch the broadcast for free until next month, but they have to pay 5,500 won per month thereafter.

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