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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who took over management control of Manchester United in the English Premier League, expressed his opinion on Mason Greenwood, once called the future of the team, last week.

Sir Ratcliffe has been found to be positive about Greenwood’s return after taking over as owner.

Sir Ratcliffe said: “I will make a new decision on Greenwood. We will examine whether Greenwood is the type of player we are after or ultimately a good player. He is still a United player.”

Sir Ratcliffe continued, “Nothing has been decided about his return yet. We will make a decision after reviewing whether Greenwood can play truthfully and thank Manchester United,” expressing a positive opinion on his return.

The media, which conveyed Sir Ratcliffe’s thoughts, reported in unison, “Greenwood wants to have a second chance at Manchester United.” In fact, neither Greenwood nor Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag wanted him back, but he had to leave the team due to strong opposition from fans. Dramatically, it was for this reason that he is currently wearing Getafe in Spain’s La Liga. Of course, Manchester United sent him on loan and his contract ends next summer when the next season ends.

However, in a week, Greenwood responded at all. The Daily Star said on the 29th that “Mason Greenwood has no real desire to rejoin Manchester United.” The reason is that the club lacked support for itself in a series of lawsuits, including arrest, bail release, and prosecution, after his girlfriend’s assault problem occurred in January 2022.

According to the article, Mason Greenwood is known to have no desire to play for Manchester United again after feeling the club’s lack of support in a widely known incident.

According to British media reports, Greenwood is quoted as saying by a close source. In other words, even if Manchester United push for his return, Greenwood would be reluctant to accept it.

Greenwood is said to be worried not only about the lack of support from the club during the lawsuit, but also about other pressures that occurred if he returned to Manchester United. Greenwood’s concerns are understandable as he had to leave the team due to strong resistance from fans at the last minute, although his stay at Manchester United was almost definitive in August last year.

That’s why it’s more attractive to stay in Spain’s La Liga than to be booed by fans again.

In fact, in Getafe, Greenwood is slowly recovering from his old skills. Greenwood, who first hit the La Liga field in mid-September last year, is currently recording seven goals and five assists.

He hoped that Getafe President Angel Torres’ Greenwood would remain in the team. However, as Barcelona, a prestigious club in La Liga, is already showing keen interest in recruiting Greenwood, it will not be easy to stay in the club.

Now that Greenwood has a proposal from a prestigious team called Manchester United and Barcelona in both hands, I am even more curious about how Greenwood will feel. For now, Barcelona has an advantage. In addition to Barcelona, Atletico Madrid is also interested, the media reported. 사설 토토사이트

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