It’s not cheap to attend the Super Bowl, and the related party scene on the Las Vegas Strip is far from economical as well.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas is seeing to that, as the new casino hotel is charging as much as $55K to attend its after-party following the big game.

Hosted at the LIV Nightclub inside the integrated resort, the post-Super Bowl festivities have ticket prices starting at $7,000. But as SFGate reported, those “cheapies” are gone. For a cool $35K, 10 revelers can get a table on the upper deck of the dance floor. 카지노사이트 순위

The cost of a table on the dance floor ranges from $35K to $50K. At the high end, partygoers get a table for 12 with direct views of the DJ. The $55K ticket accommodates fewer guests but offers better views.

Upper stage tables are raised above the DJ booth in the main room. They offer the most exceptional & direct views of the DJ and Stage. These premium tables can accommodate up to 8 guests,” according to LIV’s website.

Those considering attending the Fontainebleau Las Vegas post-Super Bowl party should check the dress code. Athletic attire isn’t permitted, so a change of clothes following the game will be necessary. Additionally, women should brace for wearing high heels because flats aren’t allowed.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas Aims High
If nothing else, Fontainebleau’s high-priced Super Bowl festivities confirm the newly minted casino hotel is aiming high. But the aggressively priced fiesta comes as the venue is grappling with some struggles.

Notably, four high-ranking executives departed Fontainebleau over the past month. Late last month, the operator announced the hiring of former Wynn Resorts executive Maurice Wooden as president. But there’s scuttlebutt that Nevada regulators may nix that appointment.

As for the LIV party, it’s extremely pricey compared to some more established Super Bowl events. The famous Sports Illustrated party the night before the big game has VIP tickets for “just” $500, with standard admission running $150.

Wynn Las Vegas collaborated with retired legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski on Saturday’s “Gronk Beach” party. That event missed the memo on equality, as women will pay $75 to enter, while men are being charged $125. Equality or not, it’s still cheaper than the Fontainebleau gathering.

Taylor Swift Ties
These days, it’s hard to consume the NFL without some mention or visual of pop icon Taylor Swift, the girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The Swift chatter is amplified with the Chiefs representing the AFC in the Super Bowl and the big game in Las Vegas.

Even the party at LIV can’t escape Swift ties. That’s because the event is DJ’ed by Calvin Harris, one of Swift’s former beaus.

The two dated from March 2015 through June 2016, and it was reported that they had a cool exchange — they walked right past each other without acknowledgement — at the Grammys last weekend

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