The PGA Tour Genesis Invitational will be held at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California, USA

Where an on-site report of former PGA Tour content director Kang Hye-won will be published. 토토사이트넷

The tournament in which Tiger Woods participated is completely changed.

Some say that Tiger is golf itself. This means that Tiger has a huge influence on him. This week, Tiger started his first game of this season wearing new outfits after breaking up with Nike. The Genesis Invitational is hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation. However, Tiger withdrew from the competition after finishing the sixth hole in the second round.

Rob McNamara, Tiger’s best friend and TSR vice president, explained that he had a cold on the previous day, and his condition worsened as he played, and he got dizzy. Tiger had dehydration, so he took a break after getting an IV at the scene and left the venue.

Earlier this week, Tiger’s Sunday Red brand was viewed differently. The new logo representing Tiger was fresh. There were people who said it was cool and people who said it had a complex feeling that was different from the existing simple logo. He also joked that it reminded me of the well-known tiger ointment. It could be because he is still unfamiliar and familiar with it. That’s how interesting Tiger is.

Tiger was always assigned the fastest tee time before 7 a.m. when playing Pro-Am, but in this competition, he played Pro-Am at 8:30 a.m., a time when the weather is getting warmer. It is speculated that this may be because spectators are not allowed on Pro-Am day unlike before COVID-19, and cold weather is worse for the waist, legs, and ankles.

Tiger, the host of the championship, is unofficial and has been assigned to the same group as Justin Thomas, his best friend, in the first and second rounds of the Genesis Invitational, following the Hero World Challenge and the PNC Championship that he participated in late last year. Now, the team has a more comfortable environment to play. Tiger is the host of the championship and seems to be consideration for the “golf emperor.”

If Tiger participates, the number of spectators and viewership will increase exponentially. It is natural that a good performance will generate more attention. Unfortunately, galleries will not be able to see Tiger on weekends this week.

When Tiger Woods appears, both the media and the audience’s interest in other players decreases significantly. The so-called “become a squid” is even more appropriate these days. It becomes easier to watch the world’s top rankers play with cloud spectators. There were about 10 photo journalists chasing Tiger, and two police officers continued to follow him while guarding the group’s safety and security.

It was not easy to watch Tiger’s game up close. On the other hand, Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, who were originally very popular with fans, were in an atmosphere where it was easy to watch or catch up with Tiger’s game.

Tiger was greeted with warm applause from the spectators in each of the holes. When asked how it was to participate in a regular competition, Tiger said in a media interview after the first round, “Of course, I was nervous.” He said, “I want to play that well.”

He shanked at the second shot at the 18th hole in the first round. He said his back was not good at the last two holes and that resulted in shanking. In the third shot, he said, “I was able to hit a satisfactory hook punch shot when there was not much space to hit.” I wish Tiger a speedy recovery.

KANG HYE WON, who covers Riviera

Kang Hye-won, a former KLPGA professional, worked as general manager of Korean contents at the PGA Tour. She is covering the event at the Riviera Country Club this week.

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