NC, 20-win ace Peddy’s batting practice with White Sox.

The NC Dinos will play exhibition games against the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball and the Asian Breeze of the Japanese Independent League.

The Dinos had planned to play three of their own exhibition games and two exhibition games against the LG Twins before the start of CAMP 2, but the additional exhibition games will help the team get a better feel for the game.

The first game against the Asian Breeze will be held on March 1 at Enex Field (home), and the second game against the Chicago White Sox will be held on Saturday, March 2 at Camelback Ranch (away).

The Chicago White Sox are the current home of Eric Peddie, who won MVP honors last year after leading the NC Dinos in wins, ERA, and strikeouts, 카지노사이트 and the games will be seven innings, as agreed upon by both teams.

NC Dinos manager Kang Myung-hwon said, “With the early start of the season, the evaluation game during CAMP 2 is even more important. We would like to thank the Chicago White Sox and Asian Breeze for agreeing to be our partners for the exhibition games. We will gain good experience through the exhibition games.”

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