Fueled by the unyielding spirit of Biloxi and the resilience of its people

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino will open its doors for business August 29, 2006 — 12 months after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. In addition to employing nearly 4,000 Mississippians, the opening will have an immediate, significant impact on the local economy while simultaneously helping to revitalize Biloxi tourism as the premier resort destination on the Coast.

“We’re anxious to open our doors for our customers and to get our employees back to work,” said Bobby Baldwin, president and CEO of Mirage Resorts, an operating division within MGM Mirage. “With the opening of Beau Rivage, we understand that we’re not just putting 3,800 people back to work, we’re helping to put 3,800 families back on their feet. This is one step, of many to come, back to normalcy for our employees and our community.”

Supporting Beau Rivage employees has been the top priority for MGM Mirage. The company committed to rehiring all people employed at Beau Rivage during Hurricane Katrina when it opens in August. Following Katrina, the company retained its employees and provided full pay and benefits, as well as 401K matching contributions for more than three months. MGM Mirage also ensured employees and their families could receive medical care (without fees) in any community where they found shelter. Addressing current employee challenges, MGM Mirage is working with state and local officials to develop the most reasonable and affordable housing solutions for its employees.

Just as MGM Mirage has played a large role in Biloxi’s initial success, the company is committed in its efforts to rebuild and renew the Gulf Coast. Beyond supporting the livelihood of its employees and their families, the company forecasts that gaming will be the catalyst for economic development in the region, spurring tax income and capital investments to benefit gaming employees, the local community and the entire state. When Beau Rivage originally opened in 1999, gaming revenue increased by 35 percent over the previous year, and MGM Mirage is determined in its endeavor to immediately impact the market once again. In the long-term, the company will work aggressively to help the region achieve a more prosperous status than ever before.

George Corchis, president and COO of Beau Rivage said, “We’re confident in the future of the Biloxi market and we believe the Mississippi Gulf Coast has the potential to become a top travel destination by 2010. As a region, we have significant opportunities for economic advancement and overall growth, from the airport expansion and additional hotel rooms, to an expanded condominium base and enhanced infrastructure. “And,” Corchis continued, “the opening of Beau Rivage on August 29 isn’t the end of MGM Mirage’s development in Biloxi. We’ll continue our investment in the community with additions like our spectacular Tom Fazio-designed golf course, Fallen Oak, set to open November 6. Beau Rivage will continue its legacy as a strong community leader and the crown jewel of the Mississippi Gulf Coast gaming industry.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

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