Park Kun-woo collapsed for a long time on the spot, raising concerns.

Fortunately, however, he stood up on his own and headed to first base and was replaced by pinch-runner Yoon Hyung-joon.

To Lim Chan-kyu, who was looking worried after coming down from the mound, Park Kun-woo patted his back on the way to first base and relieved him. Im Chan-kyu was immediately sent off for a head shot. Choi Dong-hwan hurriedly came up and warmed up and took over the baton with no outs and a full base. Because he was not fully warmed up, he allowed the first batter Martin to walk after a full count match.

However, in the ensuing bases loaded with no outs, the follow-up batter Kwon Hee-dong was fouled and Do Tae-hoon was grounded in front of the first base to double out the batter and the third baseman, finishing the inning with the minimum number of runs.

Im Chan-kyu, who was replaced after nine pitches after receiving consecutive hits from Son Ah-seop and Park Min-woo and allowing walks to Park Kun-woo as soon as the first inning began, recorded two hits, one walk, and one run.

In August, he recorded all four wins and recorded double-digit wins for the first time in three years since 2020, so it is regrettable that he has been on a roll. It seems that he was a little burdened because he took the mound a day after he lost the game after finishing the game in reverse when he was hit by a referee in the bottom of the ninth inning the previous day.

Meanwhile, Park Kun-woo, who missed the game, is scheduled to move to the hospital for a checkup

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