I hope the economy will be stable in the future.”

The Incheon Shinhan Bank defeated the Yongin Samsung Life Insurance team 43-35 in the fourth round of the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Yongin Gymnasium on the 15th. Shinhan has three wins and 14 losses in this season’s record. It trailed the fifth-ranked Busan BNK Sum by a half-game.

Lee Kyung-eun (173 cm, G) recorded eight points, three rebounds, one assist and one steal in 26 minutes and 35 seconds. She acted like a lubricant to Shinhan Bank.

After the game, Lee said, “I’m glad that I won the first game of the second half of the year. I need to build more wins. I didn’t feel well during the All-Star break, but now I feel much better. If you scream, you don’t get your voice out. Other parts are okay. The coaching staff emphasized rebounding in the game against Samsung Life Insurance. If you want to defend, you have to rebound first. Players also recognized the importance of rebounding.”

“Big men play a big role in basketball. (Kim) Tae-yeon comes in and stands there, which is a big help. Thanks to Taeyeon, I was able to win the rebound fight. Taeyeon held out, so another player jumped in and cleared the rebound. I also trusted Taeyeon in defense, and I was confident in my pick-and-roll defense or rotation defense,” he added.

As a captain, Lee struggled a lot throughout the 2023-2024 season. “I had a really hard time in the early part of the season. I didn’t have any older sister Chae-jin, but I kept getting injured as well. It wasn’t a situation where I could balance myself. Young players joined the rotation. I couldn’t give them confidence as I kept losing games,” Lee recalled.

“Still, I had to continue this season. I tried not to show hard feelings as a captain. Even if I lose, I want to get one thing at a time.” The coaching staff must have had a hard time, too. Still, they tried to raise the mood. They tried to overcome the challenges even in a positive way. I gained a lot of strength.”

Lastly, “It is not the time to rank. One win and one win should be considered important. You have to always be desperate on the court. We have to improve in many areas. There are many young players in the team. The most important part is the operation of the game. Sonia or Kim Jin-young need to run for more than 35 minutes to keep the balance. We talked a lot while going to the sauna together. I also can’t play full time. The two players should not just play their own games. They often talk about the operation of the game to (Kang) Gye-ri or (Kim) Ji-young. If you do it a little slower, you don’t have to throw away a lot of balls. Everyone knows it with their heads, but their bodies come first. They tend to get excited. I hope that the game will play out stably in the future,” he said at the press conference.


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