Controversy over self-decision in the reappointment of a sacked manager Korean wrestling demoted to G2 amid confusion over manager appointment

Korean wrestling is going downhill. Korean wrestling, which received a shocking no medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, also posted a poor record of two bronze medals at last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games. In order to recreate the glory of the ‘medal field’ of the past, innovation is truly necessary.

Hangzhou Asian Games wrestling national team.

However, the news coming from the wrestling world is far from innovative. In particular, there is constant noise in the director selection process.

The situation is like this. Last November, the Korea Wrestling Association dismissed the coaches of all three disciplines (men’s freestyle, men’s Greco-Roman, and women’s freestyle). The association explains that this is a measure taken in response to the poor performance of the Asian Games. What is surprising is that Director A, who was dismissed during this process, was reappointed. The dismissed manager was reassigned to the position of manager who was replaced due to poor performance. The association said, “As a result of the Performance Improvement Committee evaluation, Coach A received the highest score among the applicants. He explained, “Out of the three coaches (who were fired), only Director A reapplied,” but it is evaluated as being close to a farce.

Director B, who was dismissed, is currently pursuing a legal action, claiming that the association’s dismissal was unfair. The association’s position is that there is no problem with terminating the contract, saying, “There is a clause in the contract that will evaluate and reappoint after the Asian Games,” but Coach B is fighting back, saying, “There is no clear standard for evaluation.” Some say that in the process of replacing all coaches due to poor performance, the re-appointment of only certain coaches was due to factional fighting in the wrestling world.

This isn’t the only skit. At the board of directors meeting to approve the new director, Director C, who is both a director of the association and a candidate, participated in the decision. The decision was held in a messenger group chat room. This is highly likely to violate Article 15 of the Association’s Articles of Incorporation (Convocation of Board of Directors), Paragraph 6: ‘Directors may not participate in resolutions when their interests conflict with those of the Association due to matters involving the exchange of money or property.’ The association said, “Director C’s posthumous vote was excluded. “Except for this, a quorum was reached and majority consent was obtained,” but it is difficult to say that procedural fairness was maintained in a situation where the candidate was openly in a group chat room.

Meanwhile, the Korea Sports Council downgraded the national team strengthening training support level for wrestling from G1 to G2 through the Performance Improvement Committee on December 28 last year. G1 refers to the event with the potential to win an Olympic medal, and G2 refers to the event with the goal of participating in the Olympics. This is the harsh current state of Korean wrestling. Accordingly, the number of national team leaders was reduced from 8 to 6, and the number of players was also reduced from 42 to 36. The number of training support days will also be reduced from 210 days to 200 days. Korean wrestling is going a long way from regaining its past glory. 스포츠토토맨

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