“We will fire up to 300 people.”

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is expected to have a bloodbath as soon as he takes over at Manchester United.

British ‘Guardian’ Jamie Jackson said on the 27th that “Sir Ratcliffe could fire 300 Manchester United employees to simplify the team.”

On the 25th, Manchester United ended its tiresome acquisition of the club. Lord Ratcliffe has completed an agreement to acquire a minority stake of 25%. Although the Premier League secretariat’s approval has not yet been announced, Lord Ratcliffe is expected to take full control of the Manchester United club within eight weeks.

For the past decade, Manchester United fell into a dark period with the owner of the Glazers. The Glazers used Manchester United only as a means of commercial gain. Manchester United’s debt increased exponentially, and when local rivals Manchester City won the Premier League, Manchester United were in the glory of the past and walked in place.

Since last year, the Glazers have suddenly pushed for the sale of Manchester United. They decided that Manchester United was no longer of commercial value and decided to sell the club. When fans were dissatisfied with the management and protested against the Glazers, the decision was made to sell quickly.

The first person to try to take over is Sheikh Jassim. Jassim is the chairman of Qatar’s Islamik Bank, the largest bank in Qatar, and his assets are estimated at 452.4437 trillion won. Manchester United fans wanted Jassim to come as the owner. He believed that the glory of the past could be reproduced by banking on Middle Eastern capital like Manchester City.

However, Manchester United fans’ wishes turned into disappointment. The Glazers continued to raise the bid price during negotiations with themselves. Self-centeredness, who had accepted all of the Glazers’ demands, eventually gave up taking over Manchester United. In an interview later, self-centeredness expressed his assessment of the Glazers as “fanciful and bizarre.”

Manchester United fans were in despair. Fortunately, Ineos Group CEO Ratcliffe offered to buy a 25% minority stake in the takeover negotiations and expressed his willingness to take full control of the club. The Glazers decided to sell the minority stake to Sir Ratcliffe on the suggestion that they would take commercial advantage and not have to engage with the Manchester United club.

Finally, the agreement between Lord Ratcliffe and the Glazer family was completed on the 25th. Locally, Manchester United expects to make many changes with Lord Ratcliffe. This season, Manchester United has many players groaning with injuries, and it is already rebuilding its medical system.

According to the Guardian, the company plans to overhaul its staff. The most at stake is John Murtaugh, not Erik ten Hag. “Manchester United will appoint a new director,” said Matt Dickinson of The Times.

The most likely candidate is Dan Ashworth. “Ashworth is on top of the list of directors of the Ineos group,” said Ben Jacobs, an American sports broadcaster. Ashworth joined Newcastle United in 2022 and led the team to the UEFA Champions League last season for the first time in 21 years.

The other candidate is Julian Ward. “The surprise candidate for Manchester United’s sports director position is Julian Ward,” said Jason Bert, a British Telegraph. Ward served as director of Liverpool F.C. for 11 years and won the Champions League and the Premier League.

Manchester United fans welcome the appointment of Lord Ratcliffe. He hopes to end his dark days with the Glazer owner. Will Sir Ratcliffe be able to save Manchester United in crisis.


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