KCC Is Looking At The Perfect Balance Of Offense And Defense

Successful rebound after overcoming a slump in the early part of the season
Seven consecutive wins and no loss in the third round
Expectations for 2 consecutive away games in Suwon this weekend

Heo Woong, Lee Seung-hyun, Choi Jun-yong, and Ra Gun-ah. And Song Kyo-chang, who returned from military service in November, is also known as “super team” for the pro basketball team in Busan, where all five of its main players are members of the national team. Winning the championship is like winning the title.

As KCC stumbled and fell to the bottom of the standings, not worthy of its reputation in the early days of the season, it drew a lot of criticism. However, it has rebounded like a lie in the third round, finally showing off its candidate status.

KCC won the match against Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu 96-90 on the 25th. In the third round schedule, which started with the match against Korea Gas Corporation (93-88 wins) on the 12th, KCC has won seven consecutive games. KCC is the only team that has no loss in the third round.

In the first and second rounds, KCC had only six wins and nine losses. However, they have changed drastically since the third round. KCC maintained performance by scoring 82.6 points in 15 games through the second round, but lost 85.8 points, making it the second worst from behind. In addition, its rebound, assist, and field pitching rates were also in the mid-range.

In the seven games in the third round, however, he scored an average of 90.7 points, which made offense scarier, and reduced the number of lost points to 82.0 points, thereby stabilizing the balance of offense and defense. During this period, his gain and loss margin was +8.7, which was the best among the 10 teams.

Early in the season, KCC had a good performance in the early part of the season but collapsed in the second half. Depending on the game, starting lineup for different starts showed poor performance. KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin, who went through trial and error, also found a solution to some extent. Excluding foreign players, which can vary depending on the circumstances, only one or two of the main players are fixed in the first quarter and the rest of the players are allowed to start from the bench. Then, the team deploys these players in the second quarter, gives players who played in the first quarter a break, and develops proper physical fitness arrangements. Then, the team deploys full capacity in the third and fourth quarters to determine the outcome. For this reason, KCC’s competitiveness changed beyond recognition in the fourth quarter of its winning streak.

Now, KCC will wrap up the third round with two consecutive away games against KT in Suwon, which will take place on Dec. 30 and Jan. 1. This season, DB led the first round and LG led the second round, but failed to win all the rounds. Attention is focusing on whether KCC’s relentless drive will lead to victory in all the rounds. 스포츠토토

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