Munich will shoot twice as much KIM to recruit DF

Bayern Munich was not satisfied with Kim Min-jae, one of the best center backs in the world, and even aimed for a key Barcelona defender.

German media ‘Spox’ reported on the 24th, “Bayern Munich is reportedly planning a 100 million euro (about 142.6 billion won) offer to Barcelona’s Ronald Araujo.”

“Munich is still interested in signing Araujo and is ready to pay 100 million euros to sign him during the summer transfer market,” said media citing Spain’s “Mundo Deportivo.”

“Munich has been aiming for Araujo over the past few weeks, but Barcelona has firmly ruled out a winter transfer,” he said, adding, “Now Munich will try to persuade Barcelona through new attempts next summer.”

Araujo, a Uruguayan center back born in 1999, plays as a key defender for Barcelona. He debuted in the first division in the 2019/20 season and settled down as a key center back from the 2020/21 season. He pushed out Clément Langlet, who was struggling with sluggishness at the time, and paired it with club legend Gerard Pique to take charge of rear defense.

He displayed good teamwork with Piquet as he was equipped with 192 centimeters tall to control the right to contribute and fast speed. The resource was perfectly suited to Barcelona’s tactic of elevating the lineup to a high level. Watchers say he lacked skills in the build-up, but he is positive that he is able to play various positions as a right back for the Uruguayan national team.

Although he was briefly out of power due to injury this season, he played in 16 games and played for 1,290 minutes in all competitions. Recently, he is considered the next captain of Barcelona as he has been wearing a captain’s armband.

He is a key Barcelona player in name and reality, but the club is struggling financially, so speculation has been raised that he could give up Arauho if he offers a huge amount. Germany’s Belt Am Zontag recently said, “Barcelona is on the verge of being excluded from the Champions League due to the violation of UEFA financial regulations.”

“If UEFA’s disciplinary action actually takes place, Araujo will be highly likely to leave Barcelona, which lacks prospects for the sport, and head to Barcelona,” the media quoted this as saying.

“The offer of 100 million euros will be difficult for Barcelona, which is struggling financially, to reject,” he said. “Araujo moved from Boston River in Uruguay for only 4.7 million euros (about 6.7 billion won) in 2018, so Barcelona will certainly benefit greatly from the release.”

Meanwhile, the fact that Munich is looking to sign another center back has drawn the attention of fans. If Munich, as reported, buys Araujo for 100 million euros, they will pay twice the transfer fee they spent last summer when they hired Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae, who left Fenerbahce, a prestigious Turkiye Schiffer League, last summer and wore an Italian Serie A Napoli uniform, stood out as a world-class player with an all-time performance.

Believing Kim Min-jae, who is armed with tremendous speed, physical strength and excellent footwork, Coach Luciano Spalletti elevated Napoli players’ lineups. As a result, a dynamic soccer team that is quite aggressive and leads to rapid transition has been realized. Napoli’s attacks led by Victor Osimhen (Nigeria) and Hvicha Kvaracelia (Georgia) shone all the time, and it was the first time in 33 years that they acquired Scudetto (a shield that can be worn if they win a Serie A title).

Kim joined Munich through the transfer market this summer. Munich paid 50 million euros for the buyout (a clause that prevents teams from negotiating if a certain amount is paid for the transfer), which was set by Napoli, and signed a five-year contract through the summer of 2028 with an annual salary of 12 million euros (about 17 billion won) through individual negotiations. It was reasonable treatment for Kim, who received the Serie A Most Valuable Player award.

Kim Min-jae continued his career as a mainstay in Munich. He also received controversy over his excessive work in 15 consecutive official matches in the middle of this season. Nevertheless, Kim maintained his skills. He soon recovered his skills and skills in an away match in Frankfurt, which was postponed due to heavy snow, but he immediately resumed his normal performance to set a winning streak for the team.

As he took the main position in Munich, one of the best clubs in the world, there was no longer disagreement with the claim that Kim Min-jae was one of the best defenders in the world. Global sports media “Sports Kida” selected Kim Min-jae as the No. 1 player, citing five of the world’s best center backs in 2023.

“Gone are the days when center backs only play defense anymore. In modern soccer, center backs must participate in the build-up to instill fluidity and creativity in addition to solid defense. Kim Min-jae is contributing greatly to this aspect,” he said.

“Kim Min-jae played a big role in Napoli’s first Serie A championship in 33 years. His natural physicality, calmness and skill stood out as his strengths. He also secured a key player after moving to Munich and displayed outstanding skills,” he said, listing the reason for his selection as No. 1.

World-renowned players, including Hu Beng Diaz, who led the Manchester City treble behind Kim Min-jae, David Alaba (Real Madrid), William Saliba (Arnall), and Fairzil van Dijk (Liverpool), have made appearances. This is a way to confirm the status of the “Munich monster” at the present time.

The data was in contrast to the fact that Munich and German soccer legend Lothar Matheus did not highly appreciate Kim Min-jae’s performance, his junior. Matheus appeared on Sky Sports in Germany on the 24th and selected and announced the Bundesliga’s best 11 based on the current time when the first half of the 2023/24 season was completed, but Kim Min-jae was not included in the defensive position.

Not only Kim Min-jae but also Mateus did not select a single Munich player from the Bundesliga’s top 11 defense as of the first half. All of the defense was composed of Bayer Leverkusen players. Zerebi Frimpong, Jonathan Ta, Edmeng Topsova and Alejandro Grimaldo were selected for the defense.

This is clearly understandable. Leverkusen has been atop in the league (13 wins, three draws, and 42 points) with no loss in a single game in the first half. It is four points shorter than Munich (38 points). Leverkusen allowed 12 goals in 16 matches, one more game and three fewer goals than Munich, which allowed 15 goals in 15 matches.

Even the leading German newspaper “Bild” did not highly appreciate Kim Min-jae’s share in Munich. The media rated 20 people as they settled the first half of Bayern Munich on the 23rd. At this time, Kim Min-jae was found to have taken a shocking fifth place from behind, drawing attention.

Kim started all of the 15 games that Munich played in the first half of this season, and played 13 games full-time. He played a total of 1,317 minutes on the ground, recording the longest playing time in Munich along with star striker Harry Kane.

Notably, center backs Matthijs the Ligt and Dayo Upamecano suffered injuries en masse, forcing them to play full-time in five out of six group matches not only in the Bundesliga but also in the UEFA Champions League. Despite his commitment, Bild’s eyes were not favorable.

Unlike British media, German media give athletes 1-6 points in ratings, and one point is the best performance. However, Kim earned 3.2667 points in average ratings for 15 games. This means that he was “normal.”

Of course, side defenders Alphonso Davies and Nusair Mazraoui scored 3.3077 points and 3.3636 points, respectively. Upamecano, who frequently played as a center back combination with Kim Min-jae, only scored 3.3846. Rafael Geheiro, who also plays defensive position, was bottom with 3.4000 points.

While Bild and Matheus were not satisfied with Kim Min-jae’s performance, Sportskida immediately picked Kim Min-jae as the best defender of the year, causing their choice to be quizzical.

The British media Guardian also highly rated Kim Min-jae’s performance in 2023. They placed Kim Min-jae in 37th place when they selected “100 Best Male Soccer Players in the World 2023” on the 21st. This is the first time that Kim Min-jae has been named in the Guardian’s top 100 best soccer players. In the first ranking, Kim Min-jae proved himself to be a world-class defender, ranking 37th.

Regarding Kim Min-jae, the media said, “The fact that he appeared in the top 100 for the first time may seem unusual for Kim Min-jae, one of the best center backs in the world, but this means his tremendous rise,” adding, “It was only in 2021 that he played in European games, who made history by having a good year in Fenerbahce and immediately winning the title in Naples.”

He added, “The 50 million euro (about 71.5 billion won) clause meant that Kim Min-jae could choose an elite European club this summer, and Bayern Munich will try to build a defense around Kim Min-jae, who is strong, brave and fast who can lead them in areas that have been struggling in recent years.”

Munich, which recruited Kim Min-jae, one of the best center backs in the world, has spent twice the transfer fee of Kim Min-jae to further strengthen its defense, targeting even Barcelona’s core Arauho. Attention is focusing on whether Munich will be able to build the world’s best defensive line by embracing Arauho next season.


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