KLPGA “Disciplinary reduction for Yoon-ina will be discussed again next year”

Yoon Na appeared before the KLPGA Reward and Punishment Committee in September last year.

It has become unclear whether Yoon Na, a long hitter on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, who was banned from participating in the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour after making a wrong play during the Korea Women’s Open golf tournament last year but hiding it and reporting it late, will return.

As a result of reviewing the disciplinary reduction agenda for Yoon Na, which was submitted to the regular board meeting on the 14th, the KLPGA decided to discuss it again at the next board meeting to be held in January next year.

Yoon Ina received a three-year ban from competition from the Korea Golf Association in August last year, and a month later, she received the same severe punishment of a three-year ban from the KLPGA.

They will not be able to participate in any competitions (tour, seed competition, selection competition) organized or hosted by the KLPGA until September 2025.

However, when the Korea Golf Association reduced Yoon Na’s ban from playing to 1 year and 6 months last September, there were expectations that the KLPGA would also drastically reduce the disciplinary period, but it failed to pass the board of directors’ threshold.

Meanwhile, inside and outside the KLPGA, arguments were gaining strength that Yoon Ina had fully reflected on herself through community service activities and that the disciplinary period should be shortened to allow her to return to the field for the success of the KLPGA tour, and a reduction in disciplinary action was expected.

Last year, when she was a rookie, Yoon Ina was a popular player who attracted the largest number of spectators on the KLPGA tour thanks to her exciting long shots.

However, it is said that at the board meeting on this day, there were many objections that disciplinary action should not be relaxed rashly for behavior that forgot honest play, the most important principle in golf.

However, as the KLPGA did not dismiss the disciplinary reduction agenda and decided to discuss it again at the next board meeting, the possibility of Yoon Eana’s return to the field in the 2024 season of the KLPGA Tour, which opens in April next year, is still alive.

The KLPGA is expected to decide whether to reduce disciplinary action by considering the degree of Yoon Ina’s reflection and the trend of public opinion. 19가이드03

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